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Board Game News Brief: January 18th, 2017

Posted Thursday, 19-Jan-2017

Expansions for Captain Sonar & Terraforming Mars; Defense Grid: The Board Game gets built; and a whole raft of new and exciting Kickstarters – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Captain Sonar: Upgrade One

The intense real time submarine vs submarine game has received inklings of its first expansion. The game has been a smash hit since its release in the middle of last year, and now we’re getting its first expansion, called Upgrade One.




Captain Sonar: Upgrade One (does that mean there will be a Two?) will include “5 new maps and 6 new weapons.” Unfortunately, that’s all the details we have; but the success of the game triggering new expansions to inject replayability is great news for this innovative and tense experience.



Captain Sonar is one of the most popular games on BoardGamePrices, continuously charting on our ‘Most Searched‘ lists for three months. It also made our gift guide and is perfect for large groups.

Khan of Khans, Defense Grid launch on Kickstarter

A new Reiner Knizia family game and a game based on one of video gaming’s smashiest hits; these two titles (which I covered in a previous news installment) have now come to Kickstarter and await your attention.


Adorable cattle rustling for the whole family.
Adorable cattle rustling for the whole family.


Prepare for incoming.
Prepare for incoming.


Khan of Khans is a game about putting together the largest herd of cattle. Suitable for all ages and featuring cutesy, whimsical art, this game is good if you’re looking for something light but with Knizia’s strategic teeth.



Defense Grid on the other hand is a huge production with a whopping 63 miniatures; a tower defense game where players work together to construct guns and cannons and tesla coils to slow the alien advance. This video game adaptation is produced in collaboration with original publishers Hidden Path Entertainment and captures the feel of the video game remarkably well while translating neatly to the tabletop.



Quick Kickstarters

Hunt or be hunted in Dark is the Night, a game about a campfire, a hunter, and a monster.


and always darkest before the dawn.
and always darkest before the dawn.


Each player hunts the other – the hunter with her crossbow and her campfire, and the monster with its stealth. If ever the two players are adjacent to each other and perform an attack, the game is over and the attacker wins. Trickery and cunning are required to come out ahead in Dark is the Night.


Zombies in an intense, grimdark survival horror: Day Night Z is a game resplendent with miniatures focused on a grittier take on the zombie genre.


That's a lot of stuff.
That’s a lot of stuff.


Rather than the action movie approach of Zombicide or the survival-focused Dead of Winter, Day Night Z is unapologetically hard and unforgiving. Allowing for solo play, or co-op for up to 4 survivors, explore, make choices, and make it to the end of the story – or die trying.


Speaking of unapologetic, Vanguard of War is set in a techno future reminiscent of another grimdark setting. It does look cool though; as players must work together to defend against wave after wave of demons.


The miniatures look amazing tho.
The miniatures look amazing tho.


The miniatures look quality, and the game sounds very intriguing indeed. Go check it out.


Terraforming Mars gets 4 expansions announced; reprint on the way

The game of making Mars suitable for human life has performed beyond publisher Stronghold Game’s wildest expectations. The announced reprint is the largest print run the company has ever produced, as gamers everywhere are clamoring to get their hands on a copy of this Essen smash hit.



Welcome to Mars.
Welcome to Mars.


The company has also announced four expansions, the first of which is called Hellas & Elysium. A two sided board and new gameplay elements take Terraformers to such sites as Olympus Mons, the tallest mountain in the solar system, and the South Pole of Mars.

If you want to see just why Terraforming Mars has taken so many hearts by storm and hit the top of so many ‘Best of 2016’ lists, you can check the game out now on BoardGamePrices.



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