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Board Game News Brief: January 15 2017

Posted Thursday, 11-Jan-2018

GLOOMHAVEN RETAIL RELEASE DATE, Dicemasters ditches the booster packs, Catan: Rise of the Inca and more in this week’s News Brief!

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Gloomhaven retail release next week(!!!)



The epic campaign-based dungeon crawler game (the box weighs twenty two pounds) is poised to hit retail on the 19th of January. With 23,000 copies printed this run, we hope the game will stay in stock for a while!



Anticipation for the game has been incredible since it sold out and topped critic’s charts in February. Since then the hype has only increased as it was named game of the year by many notable critics, including The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel; it is now his #1 game of all time, dethroning Cosmic Encounter which has been his favorite since 2010.



Pre-order Gloomhaven now!


No more booster packs, Dicemasters moves to campaign boxes

And also gets Warhammer.










Dice Masters was designed by Eric Lang and Mike Elliot, and it’s been putting out sets for years – but the booster system (even though each booster only cost 99 centers) has apparently been hurting the game. They’re now moving to these big boxes which include 48 unique character cards, new basic actions, and storage for over 300 dice.


Catan: The Rise of the Inca

This standalone Catan game lets you trade fish, coca, and feathers while fighting the forces of nature.

From the official description:

this game includes an innovative displacement mechanism that opens up new possibilities for players and confronts them with new game situations that will require tactical adjustments. Nature can reclaim settlements already built, allowing another player the chance to build their own settlement on a coveted site.

A fresh South American twist on Catan, Rise of the Inca will be here soon!


Quick Kickstarters

Western Legends brings Red Dead Redemption to your tabletop with a sandbox western game at a svelte fifteen minutes per player! Be a sheriff, be an outlaw, rustle cattle, play poker, and engage in shootouts as loads of wonderful historical characters.

If you don’t already love Everdell, there are hedgehog meeples. HEDGEHOG. MEEPLES.

Corsair Leader is a solo wargame experience set in the skies of World War II. Command your squadron, dogfight, and lead your men to victory!


Community Centerpiece

Literary magazine McSweeney’s has published a fun little humor piece by Lizzie Logan providing us with the updated rules for Catanskewering recent news items and social issues

Image result for mcsweeney's logo


2. Trades on your own turn are conducted as usual. Trades during someone else’s turn may take place in secret, under the table, and the beneficiary of the trade does not need to disclose the trade, even when asked specifically about it by another player. The players may also lie to one another about what cards they are trading in secret trades, as there will be no record of these trades to check against.


You can read the whole thing here.


Remember to check out January’s newest titles! There’s some exciting new stuff in there, like the new Netrunner cycle, Fantasy Flight’s social deduction vampire game, and a reprint of Spiel des Jahres winner Manhattan, a game of skyscraper and hostile takeover.



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