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Board Game News Brief: January 11th, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 11-Jan-2017

A Blade Runner board game; new Elder Signs; Mysterium: The App; all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Prepared by Calvin Wong

CO2nd Edition announced

The game of global warming and carbon emission is getting a whole new lease on life with streamlined rules, upgraded components, and solo & co-op modes of play.


Artist Ian O'Toole knocks it out of the park. Again.
Artist Ian O’Toole knocks it out of the park. Again.


In CO2, players take on the role of energy companies trying to save the world from climate change – reducing carbon emissions, working together on conferences, and constructing power plants in the various regions on Earth. Despite this description, the game only has one winner; whomever acquired the most profits.

Veteran designer Vital Lacerda (Lisboa, The Gallerist) has a knack for turning out games whose theme integrates strongly into the mechanics. Having played CO2, I can confirm that you really do feel like an energy company trying to save the world – and with 2nd edition’s changes and wooden power plants, I can’t wait to get back into the game.

Look for the game later this year.


Terror from below: Omens of the Deep expansion for Elder Sign

A doomed expedition. Legions of lurking horrors. Face your fear of open water in this new expansion for dice chucking co-operative game Elder Sign.


From the depths they come.
From the depths they come.


Players are crewmembers aboard the Ultima Thule, a ship bound on its search for the city of R’lyeh. Find the ancient amulet, fight off the monsters attempting to sink your vessel, and stop the Deep Ones from awakening and bringing an end to this world.


Your new home. Try not to let it capsize or anything.
Your new home. Try not to let it capsize or anything.


Mysterium Mobile App releases tomorrow

The game of psychic murder investigation brings its haunting artwork to your digital device. Available for iOS, Android, and Steam, Mysterium at at $9.99 price point, the game will have multiplayer pass and play for up to 7 people and a solo campaign, with additional stories to be released in the following months.


It was the baker, in the solarium, with the iron.
It was the baker, in the solarium, with the iron.


In Mysterium, players are working together to solve a murder case. The victim, a ghost, knows the true facts of the grisly crime, but can only communicate using vague visions in the form of lavishly illustrated cards. The other players must divine the ghost’s intentions and solve the case before time runs out. It is an excellent co-operative game and well worth your attention once it releases tomorrow. The expansion Hidden Signs will also be available through an in app purchase.


Quick Kickstarters


Hexpanse is a “Tactical game of planetary conquest” with 6 factions, resource gathering, and ground combat. I mean, just look at it:


All units, prepare to drop.
All units, prepare to drop.


This is normally the part where I go in depth about the game and its mechanisms but honestly I’m too busy looking at it. LOOK AT IT.


Next is Myth: Dark Frontier, a game of fighting in a city under siege in the Myth universe.


This is the frontier. It is quite dark.
This is the frontier. It is quite dark.


Its coolest feature is easily the city miniature which takes damage by removing parts of the walls and buildings. I mean COME ON. Sure it’s also got tactical combat, great art, but disassembling a city miniature is A+ marketing.


On the other end of the spectrum is Sub Terra. A co-operative survival horror game about being trapped in a cave, the theme is already way too intense for me.



While the art is gorgeous and evocative, the players must undergo harrowing trials like cave ins, floods, and their own claustrophobia. Sub Terra looks amazing and kind of really scary.


Blade Runner 2049 board game rights secured by NECA

A dark, rain-slicked future; that is the setting to science fiction classic Blade Runner. Originally released in 1982 and since re-released multiple times with new edits of the film, Blade Runner remains an enduring work in the pantheon of cinematic sci-fi.


Trenchcoats are still standard issue in the future.
Trenchcoats are still standard issue in the future.


Its sequel, Blade Runner 2049, has has the license for a board game sold to NECA, owner of Wizkids, who made Mage Knight,

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