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Board Game News Brief: Gen Con 2017!

Posted Wednesday, 16-Aug-2017

A new edition of Twilight Imperium, Fallout, Civilization, and the follow up to Mice & Mystics. It’s Gen Con! This this your Board Game News Brief.


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Twilight Imperium 4th Edition

It’s the 20th anniversary of Twilight Imperium, Fantasy Flight Game’s flagship game of epic combat, politics, and trade.



The long-awaited 4th Edition comes (available this year) comes out 11 years after the previous Edition, which has been out of print for quite some time. The game is famous for its epic scale which allows for the voting in of new laws which permanently alter the rules, trade systems, and of course, the fleet battles.



This edition streamlines some rules including overhauls to trade and technology, removes fiddly exceptions and edge cases while retaining most of the game’s structure and incredible play length. (Dreadnoughts, notably, have been made slightly cheaper and more flexible). Many components from the 3rd Edition expansions will be making it into the base game, including all 17 factions, Flagships, and faction-specific technologies.


Fallout: The Board Game

War. War never changes… but maybe if you work together, you can survive.



An adventure survival board game for 1 to 4 players, Fallout looks like this:





Players must explore one of several Wastelands based on the locations of the Fallout 3 and Fallout 4 video games, where they make moral choices that can come back to haunt them, descend into the title’s iconic and futuristic Vaults, or gather companions to journey with them as they try to gain influence with the many factions.



Play as an agile raider, a brutish super mutant, or a knight of the Brotherhood with the iconic Power Armor – the game comes with competitive and co-operative options as well as the solo mode.

Fallout will be available this year.

Civilization: A New Dawn


This new Civilization brings the venerable 4X experience to your tabletop – playable in 1 to 2 hours.



Players take on the roles of one of six civilizations vying for victory as they advance through the ages, with the victory conditions shifting for each game.



Based on the Civilization VI video game, this game is an update of 2010’s Fantasy Flight release Civilization. It however shares little with that game’s ruleset and aesthetic as well as having changed designers entire from Kevin Wilson (Escape from 100 Million BC) to James Kniffen (New Angeles)



The game features an action selection mechanism where players must prioritize their actions and the order in which they are performed, with actions happening later in the turn getting a larger bonus.

Civilization: A New Dawn will be available this year.

Stuffed Fables

From the creators of Mice & Mystics comes Stuffed Fables, a story adventure game about stuffed toys who come to life to defend their little girl from harm.



Adorable premise aside, the game seems wonderfully kid-friendly as the included book pulls triple duty as the board, the adventure’s storybook, and rules reference.



Featuring dice based combat, gorgeous miniatures and a noble quest, Stuffed Fables will be demo’ed at Gen Con and available this year. If you haven’t already played Mice & Mystics it should feel very similar.

Quick Kickstarters


We’re finally getting dinosaur theme park games! DinoGenics is a game about managing and running a dinosaur theme park.



Apart from cool dinosaur meeples and quoting the films infinitely, the game features the potential for rampaging carnivores, DNA markets, and plenty of cool artwork.


Shifting gears all the way over is Arranged! a game about escaping the Pakistani arranged marriage.



A lighthearted game about a dark subject, Arranged sees the player fending off hordes of suitors, getting away from unhealthy behaviors like diet pills and skin whitening creams, and avoiding loveless marriage to hopefully find Mr. Right.


And then we have A Dog’s Life.



Featuring gorgeous dog miniatures and kid-friendly gameplay, A Dog’s Life lets you live the unique lives of several different breeds of dog as they make their way around the city, eating, playing, and avoiding the dog catcher.


Community Centerpiece

Renowned board games website Shut Up & Sit Down have been secretly working on a documentary about the creation of a highly anticipated board game for several years. They have now revealed that this game is, in fact, Twilight Imperium 4th Edition!



The above trailer is a two minute look at the film, but the completed documentary will go deep behind the scenes of the creation of one of gaming’s most legendary and enduring titles.

And that’s it for the News Brief! Join us next week as we round up the big news from Gen Con 2017! Until then, check out our picks for the hottest games of the convention that you can buy there or place a pre-order for, including games like Codenames Duet, Cities of Splendor, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies, and the Terraforming Mars expansion.

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