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Board Game News Brief: February 8th, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 8-Feb-2017

It’s an expansions edition of the BG News Brief! More content for Smash Up!, Mystic Vale, and Mice & Mystics; get a first look at GMT’s new title Apocalypse Road; and what’s hot on Kickstarter this week.

Prepared by Calvin Wong



Free Mice & Mystics scenarios: The Lost Chapters

Plaid Hat Games is giving away PDFs of the Lost Chapters scenarios for Mice & Mystics.


Uh oh.
Uh oh.


These scenarios for the co-operative game of mouse adventuring, previously only available via online purchase, are now completely free from the Plaid Hat website.

The first two require only the base set: Sorrow & Remembrance, while the 3rd scenario Portents of Importance require both the expansion Downwood Tales and the spin off aerial bird combat game, Tail Feathers.

Nevertheless, you should still grab ’em all!

New Mystic Vale Expansion teased

All we know is the name, and that it involves druids – but Mystic Vale made a name for itself as the innovative game with the clear plastic cards when it released in the middle of last year.


Presumably druids are very angry?
Presumably druids are very angry?

The druids are said to be powerful, yet hurt themselves at the same time. You’ll know more when we know more.

Vale of the Wild is the 2nd expansion for Mystic Vale, the first being Vale of Magic which focused on, as you can guess, spells and Vales.


Race to your death with Apocalypse Road

Sick of boring race concepts like ‘crossing the finish line’ and ‘laps’? Apocalypse Road has you covered.


Gun it.
Gun it.


Designed by Jeff & Carla Holger who did Thunder Alley, Apocalypse Road (more details at the official site) uses the game system that underpinned Thunder Alley but adds death. Lots of death.


Mad Max eat your heart out.
Mad Max eat your heart out.


Cars in Apocalypse Road are all equipped with some degree of weapons, armor and electronics. These include: Machine Guns, Missile Launchers, Auto-Cannons, EMP Guns, Armor, Turrets, Mounts and Targeting Computers


Not to mention ramming, tracks with jumps and figure 8 intersections, and ‘some secret technologies.’

If this all intrigues you, you should go pre-order Apocalypse Road. The game will only be made if they reach 500 pre-orders.


Quick Kickstarters

The Shared Dream is a co-operative, modern fantasy game that looks like this.


Don't let it be your nightmare.
Don’t let it be your nightmare.


Featuring gorgeous miniatures and art, a modern day setting, and a storytelling system inspired by RPGs, The Shared Dream is definitely worth a look.


SUPERHOT is a video game where time only moves when you do. Dodge bullets by standing still, beat out bad guys by seeing how they move and predict their attacks, and generally conduct violence.


Super. Hot. Super Hot.
Super. Hot. Super Hot.


The card game keeps the aesthetic and the difficulty while transforming it into a slim card game with a ton of replayability. Fan of the video game or not, it’s time to get Super Hot.


Finally we have In Tenebris Lux, a victorian horror dungeon crawler. Honestly, either you’re already completely sold or there’s nothing I can say.


Oh dear.
Oh dear.


Whether a Gunslinger having a moment of madness, or a Papal Knight exploring a Votive Hall, In Tenebris Lux (Translated: in darkness, light) looks awesome and you should definitely check it out.


Smash Up gets new faction boxes

Big in Japan, What Were We Thinking? and the Sheep faction come to the shuffle-fighting game of throwing factions together and battling it out.

(In fact, you can get the sheep faction right now, for free!)


Not just Japan either.
Not just Japan either.


‘Big in Japan’ features:

anime fighting girls, cute collectible critters that are totally not Pokémon, colorful fighters that are in no way Power Rangers, and Godzilla.


No word on the choice of guns for the teddy bears.
No word on the choice of guns for the teddy bears.

‘What Were We Thinking?’ is a return to the old style of smash up randomness, with teddy bears, rock stars, grannies, and explorers being the four factions on offer.
Do you have a favorite Smash Up expansion? I’m partial to Pretty Pretty myself.

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