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Board Game News Brief: February 2nd, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 1-Feb-2017

An expansion for Quadropolis; My First Ticket to Ride; Louis XIV re-imagined with zoo animals – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Prepared by Calvin Wong

Quadropolis receives first expansion: Public Service

City building tile layer Quadropolis released last year to great acclaim; now it’s expansion brings civil service into the mix. Apart from the standard police and fire stations, players will also be able to build maternity wards, and reprocessing plants.



Details are light right now, but the expansion is due in June in the US and offers new challenges for those who love this family game.


Announcing Dice Forge

Craft your own dice and go on epic quests. Dice Forge is a new game by Régis Bonnessée of Seasons and Lords of Xidit fame – and like the previous two games, publisher Libellud did not skimp on the production values here:


That's a lot of stuff.
That’s a lot of stuff.


The core conceit of the game is that the dice let you build their individual faces, as shown in this handy diagram.


Snap on, snap off.
Snap on, snap off.


Try a high risk strategy or stay with stable, safe bets – go after mystical artifacts and battle for divine favors, but don’t let your opponents buy all the good dice faces…

It’s going to be a long wait for Dice Forge, which is due in the 2nd quarter, but you could check out the designer’s previous works Seasons and Lords of Xidit to tide you over until then.


Louis XIV re-themed with zoo animals: Mafiozoo

Louis XIV was a Rüdiger Dorn game from 2005 that involved courtly intrigue and the completion of various missions. The game is being reprinted this year in two editions; the first keeping the original, 17th century France theme; the other, well…


Honestly I probably prefer this one.
Honestly I probably prefer this one.


Mafiozoo tasks players with muscling in on territory and using their ill-gotten gains: booze, guns, jewelry – to gain influence and control over the game’s various neighborhoods.


Pigs with pistols. What's next, flying?
Pigs with pistols. What’s next, flying?


Nothing personal. Just business.
Nothing personal. Just business.


Look for Mafiozoo to start whacking some low down dirty animals in March. Until then, you can check out Dorn’s other titles, including the recent hits Istanbul and 2016 Spiel des Jahres nominee Karuba.

Quick Kickstarters

Heroes of Land, Air, and Sea has the honor of having one of the greatest titles ever. It’s a fantasy strategy game in the vein of Warcraft; gather resources, explore the map, exterminate your enemies.


The Warcraft inspirations are readily apparent... and apparently awesome!
The Warcraft inspirations are readily apparent… and apparently awesome!


Designed by Tiny Epic mogul Scott Almes, Heroes of Land Air, and Sea features 3D buildings, ships, aircraft, and pre-painted plastic units. The whole production looks like it’s going to be amazing. Go check out the campaign, or have a look at Scott Alme’s previous games here.


Our next game is Dice Throne. It’s wonderfully over the top and I love it.


All y'all need to chill. Except the lady on the right.
All y’all need to chill. Except the lady on the right.


The game combines dice rolling with card combat; cool hero classes, powerful abilities, and fast to get through, Dice Throne looks like a winner.


Tower Defense remains a hugely popular genre, and now Age of Towers has thrown its hat into the pre-programmed enemy path.



Available for solo or competitive play for up to 5 players, Age of Towers challenges players to defend against the monsters, complete quests, and looks fantastic. Have a closer look for yourself.


New Ticket to Ride: First Journey Europe edition

It’s not the first Ticket to Ride for kids, but this edition of First Journey goes to Europe instead of North America for some all-ages train collecting and route planning.


All aboard.
All aboard.


Choose your destination.
Choose your destination.


With shorter routes, a special cross-continent bonus for making it all the way to the other side, and enough components for four players, First Journey has the makings of a great addition to the family game library – or to pad out your never-ending Ticket To Ride collection

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