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Board Game News Brief: February 22nd 2017

Posted Wednesday, 22-Feb-2017

News from the New York Toy Fair! Firefly returns, Doomtown rises from the dead, and Pandemic Legacy Season 2 grips the globe in terror. This week’s news brief also has the most exciting games on Kickstarter this week, including one that’s sure to make you go “Hasta La Vista, Baby.”

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Doomtown is back

The card game of old west shootouts returns with a new lease on life.



Doomtown: Reloaded has a bullet-riddled history. Originally a 90s card game called Deadlands: Doomtown, the game was rebooted in 2014 as Reloaded.



Featuring innovative mechanics such as the use of poker hands to fight shootouts and four unique factions, Doomtown did well for a while, but AEG decided to drop the game last year, ceasing production of new Saddle Packs.

However, it has now been announced that Pinebox Entertainment, consisting of fans and original designers of the game, will be resuming work on the series and releasing new expansions!

Ready to be dealt in? Bring your saddle and your sixgun, and check out Doomtown today.

GMT games announces new COIN title: Gandhi

Properly Gandhi: The Decolonization of British India, this four player war game in GMT’s critically acclaimed COunter INsurgency (COIN) series pits players against each other in the non-violent struggle for Indian independence.



Following on from such games as Labyrinth: The War on Terror and Liberty or Death: The American Insurrection, Gandhi puts players in the roles of the Indian National Congress, The Muslim League, Revolutionaries, and the British Raj as they try to control Britain’s most valuable colony.

Gandhi is available directly through GMT Game’s website through their P500 pre-order system, and will be for 1 to 4 players.

In the meantime, you can check out some of the other COIN titles, such as the two linked above, or perhaps Fire in the Lake, a game about the Vietnam war, or Andean Abyss, about the Colombian drug wars.

Quick Kickstarters

Prepare to be terminated! The Terminator Official Board Game is set in both the present day and the future, as fighters in the war against Skynet must survive long enough for John Connor to be saved from the Terminator.



Play through 2029 and 1984 on two separate boards, with the past timeline able to change the course of the war in the future. Get your best Arnold voices ready and check out the Terminator Kickstarter page.


Bearly Working is a cute auction game with a cute name! Buy bears at the right prices and use those bears to make you money!



This quick playing cute little auction game has a great visual style and lasts a slim 20 minutes. If you’re on the lookout for something quick to pull out at the end of game nights, check out Bearly Working.


Swinging back across the theme spectrum again, we have Black Orchestra, a game where players must work together to assassinate Adolf Hitler, inspired by the true events of the members of the Nazi Party who betrayed their compatriots.



This 2nd edition of the Essen hit adds interrogation cards, a revised rulebook, and upgraded components from the earlier release. Can you evade the Gestapo and enact the plot to end World War 2? Do you have what it takes to rewrite the course of history? Have a look at Black Orchestra.

News from the New York Toy Fair

And boy do we have lots of it!

(All images courtesy of BoardGameGeek’s W. Eric Martin)

First up: Pandemic Legacy, Season 2.



This back of the box shot reveals that the game takes place 71 years after the horrific events of Pandemic Legacy Season One. Humanity has left land and lives on ships in the ocean – these ships resupply cities with medicine whenever they can. The game adds discovery and survival to Pandemic Legacy, one of 2016’s biggest smash hits. If you haven’t heard of Pandemic Legacy, you owe it to yourself to at least check it out.


Firefly Adventures: Brigands & Browncoats is a new, scenario based game in the space western Firefly universe that is unrelated to the previous Firefly board games.



Fans of the critically acclaimed Firefly series have a wealth of board games to choose from, and Brigands & Browncoats looks like it’ll be plenty of run and gun. One of the most unique science fiction shows of all time from the director of the Avengers films, Firefly was hailed for its unique setting and witty charm.


Star Trek: Ascendancy announced a new expansion pack: The Borg.



Details are scant, but it appears to add the iconic robot race to the game of galactic conquest. The Borg will stop at nothing in their pursuit of perfection, and players can also look forward to a co-operative scenario mode where they must fight off the Borg.


Ashes: Rise of the Phoenixborn is getting two new expansions: The Song of Sokesend, and the Law of Lions, as well as a revised core set.



Ashes is a gorgeous dice and card game about dueling magicians and the creatures they can summon from the studio that brought you Dead of Winter. Have you got all your Ashes expansions?


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