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Board Game News Brief: February 15th 2017

Posted Wednesday, 15-Feb-2017

There’s new editions and expansions in this week’s Board Game News Brief! Caverna for two players, the sequel to Terra Mystica, expansions for Splendor – and this week’s best Kickstarter games.

Prepared by Calvin Wong


2 Player Caverna: Cave vs Cave

Following the pattern of Agricola: All Creatures Big & Small, Cave vs Cave is a version of the dwarf-placement game Caverna that compresses the game for two players.


Box art not final.
Box art not final.



In Caverna, players can mine, raise livestock, and build rooms in your slice of the mountain and get more points than your opponent – but whereas the original game had components for up to 7 players, Cave vs Cave slims that all down into a 45 minute playing time.

We’ll know more about Cave vs Cave soon, but until then you can watch this video of BoardGameGeek’s Eric Martin looking at the game at the 2017 Spielwarenmesse.



Still not familiar with Caverna?  Compare prices for Caverna now!


Cities of Splendor: 4 expansions in one

Also from Spielwarenmesse comes the news that Splendor will be receiving its first expansion. The prolific and eternally cheerful Eric Martin explains the game below:



For those unable to click the video, the game’s official description tells us that Cities of Splendor is:


Is Splendor in your collection yet?  Grab a copy today!

Quick Kickstarters

Run an animal rescue center in Dogs, a worker placement board game where players must collect lost and abandoned strays; some of whom will need care and medical attention.




These dogs must be fed, housed, or perhaps even entered into a Dog Fair for fame and profit, but players must be careful not to manage their animal center properly lest you run out of funds or resources. The game looks amazing, and has been successful in its native Brazil for some time. Check out the campaign for more.


Dungeon Alliance (designed by Andrew Parks of Assault of the Giants and Core Worlds fame) is a dungeon crawling board game that’s designed to use card-driven elements.


New dungeon. New tactics. New Alliance.
New dungeon. New tactics. New Alliance.


Dungeon Alliance is playable as co-operative, competitive, or solo; each player commands a team of heroes; the titular Alliance. Each hero comes with their own deck of abilities which you can upgrade during the course of the game. Most powerful team wins!


Finally, we have Exodus: Event Horizon, the final chapter in the Exodus saga that began with Proxima Centauri and Edge of Extinction.


Triad among the stars.
Triad among the stars.


This expansion to Proxima Centauri brings almost two dozen new planets, Centaurian outposts, comms satellites, exploration, leaders, and the event horizon scenario – all in optional modules so you can customize your Exodus experience as you like.

Event Horizon is expected to have very limited retail distribution due to its niche nature, so if you’re interested in the game or the series, you should go check out the project.


Terra Mystica: Gaia Project

Terra Mystica in space.


No box art yet.
No box art yet.


Details are scant, but here’s what we know: Gaia Project is a new Terra Mystica game with fourteen new factions, set in space. From the official description:

All factions can improve their skills in six different areas of development — Terraforming, Navigation, Artificial Intelligence, Gaiaforming, Economy, Research — leading to advanced technology and special bonuses.

Terra Mystica was a smash hit both commercially and critically when it was released back in 2012. Gaia Project is the first extension of the line apart from the (also critically acclaimed) Fire and Ice expansion.

We’ll bring you more Gaia Project details as they come!  For now, check out Terra Mystica if you don’t yet have a copy!

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