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Board Game News Brief: Essen Week!

Posted Tuesday, 24-Oct-2017

It’s a bumper News Brief! The games releasing this week at Essen, what’s hot on Kickstarter, and more!

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Trailer & Rulebook for Pandemic Legacy Season 2

The followup to BoardGameGeek’s #1 game of all time, Pandemic Legacy Season 2 is out this week. The game is set in a world where humanity has fallen, there are only a handful of cities left and you must establish contact with the last survivors. It also has a snazzy new trailer.



Here’s the rulebook you can pore over to see what’s changed.

Our Essen Release Picks



Alien Artifacts. Charterstone. Gloomhaven. Hunt for the Ring. Nusfjord. Gaia Project. This War of Mine.

In case you’ve missed it, check out our 20 most exciting games of Essen as well as our Top 5 Must Have Essen Games.


Fury and Dracula & Relic return: Wizkids partners with Games Workshop


In one of the more exciting press releases of the year, Wizkids has announced that they will be working together with Games Workshop to bring more board games in their universes to you.





The partnership previously with Fantasy Flight Games produced some of board gaming’s most beloved titles, now sadly out of print due to last year’s licensing kerfuffle. Wizkids has been knocking it out of the park recently after Z-Man’s Zev Shlasinger started working there. The signs are good for fans of both companies!

Eclipse: Second Edition

It’s here.

All the details we have are in Lautapelit’s press release above, but Eclipse is one of gaming’s most well regarded space empire games. Fans of the genre should be rightly excited by this new edition.

Mighty Boards announces Posthuman 2

The post-apocalyptic game of exploration and survival is back.



The sequel has been re-designed from the ground up to streamline the original game’s mechanics with a greater emphasis on tactics and story – there will now be a book of narrative encounters to go through – as well as a whole new art style.


Our Live Essen Coverage

We’ll be covering Essen live this year! You can find all our coverage as it happens on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook as well as right here on our Articles section. Hope to see you there!

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