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Board Game News Brief: December 9, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 9-Dec-2015

Gen Con expands, Ascension heads to Dreamland, and get ready to fight This War of Mine in this week’s Board Game News Brief


Contributed by Calvin Wong


Gen Con 2016 expands into Lucas Oil Stadium

The largest gaming convention in North America has expanded into the adjacent Indianapolis Lucas Oil Stadium, citing issues with exhibitors being unable to reserve space for its hotly contested Exhibition Hall.


Gen Con Logo
It just keeps growing and growing and growing…


The stadium portion of Gen Con will now host the ‘wildly popular’ True Dungeon event – a live role playing experience where players participate in an adventure to solve life-sized puzzles and fight monsters. Further announcements regarding the use of the stadium and the reclaimed Exhibition Hall space will be known soon.


Tide of Iron returns to Fantasy Flight Games

World War 2 board game Tide of Iron was rescued from its out of print status by 1A Games in 2013, using a licensing agreement from Fantasy Flight in order to kickstart and print further expansions. Since then, 1A Games has released a new core set and the Stalingrad expansion.


The re-released core set.
The re-released core set.


However, 1A Games and FFG have now mutually dissolved the licensing agreement, and Tide of Iron will be reverting to Fantasy Flight’s control. With the future of the series currently up in the air, it is unclear whether further games in the series will be produced, which is a sad uncertainty for Tide of Iron fans.


Richard Garfield’s new game: Bunny Kingdom

From the designer of Magic: The Gathering, Netrunner, and King of Tokyo comes Bunny Kingdom – a drafting board game about rabbit royalty.


Best name ever.
Best name ever.


Details are sparse on the ground, but the game will be released in May 2016 by Iello, with art by Paul Mafayon, who previously did art for Loony Quest, Seasons, Earth Reborn, and massively huge digital card game Hearthstone.


This War of Mine to receive board game adaptation

From the designer of Neuroshima Hex comes This War is Mine, a cardboard translation of the critically acclaimed video game about a group of civilians trying to survive in a city under siege.


Not bleak at all, nope.
Not bleak at all, nope.


Labeled as one of the best games of 2014 by Time Magazine, the board game’s core features are a digital companion app, and a promise to be instantly playable out of the box without having to read the rulebook, and an emphasis on difficult choices of questionable moral character.


Ascension: Dreamscape updates art, releases next year

The 9th expansion for popular deckbuilding game Ascension breaks away from the game’s art style – perhaps appropriately, for an expansion about to head into the realm of dreams and visions.


New art!
New art!


Dreamscape introduces the Insight resource which allows players to collect the expansion’s new Dream cards. It can be played by itself or combined with any other Ascension set for play with up to 6 players.


Quick Kickstarters

With a logline like ‘Solve San Fransisco’s Housing Crisis’ how can you resist Bay Area Regional Planner?  A simulation Eurogame casting players in the roles of planners who are trying to manage the area’s housing crisis and juggle policy, transit times, rent prices, etc etc oh god.


Mm... SimCity vibes.
Mm… SimCity vibes.


From the designers of Flee the Scene, Raiders of the North Sea and Shipwrights of the North Sea come a pair of quick card games called Cibola and Woodlands.


One of these is cuter than the other.
One of these is cuter than the other.


Race to find the 7 Cities of Gold or fight in the Woodland War to ally yourself with the critter clans – both games promise fast gameplay for 2 to 4 players.

In one of the oddest Kickstarters ever, cinematic World War 2 game Heroes of Normandie has launched a project for what essentially amounts to a comprehensive rulebook and storage solution for their previous releases.


I suppose it could be stranger if they made the dice out of bacon.
I suppose it could be stranger if they made the dice out of bacon.


Strategic Resupply has streamlined and codified the rulebooks for all previous Heroes of Normandie releases into a Compendium folder with plenty of room to store future rulebooks (which will be released as loose sheets to be stored in the Compendium, and some (very nice looking) storage solutions for the game’s miniatures, cards, and even a thematic dice tower.


Take to the high seas with Privateers! The Golden Decade. More board games need to have ! in their titles, and this game seems to follow up – 2 to 5 players take on the role of buccaneering pirates and cites Mage Knight and Fury of Dracula as influences on the game’s systems.


More '!'s MORE!!!!
More ‘!’s MORE!!!!


Promising low randomness, complete language independence (no text on game components), and quick gameplay, Privateers also features a Kraken. You can’t really argue against games with Krakens in them, honestly.


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