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Board Game News Brief: December 6th, 2017

Posted Thursday, 7-Dec-2017

Go to a dark party, swim with some evil-looking fishes, and visit an Imaginarium in this week’s Board Game News Brief!


Sanctum of Twilight expansion for Mansions of Madness

Attend balls, ride parade floats, and go on peaceful walks in the park. After all, what could possibly go wrong…?



Sanctum of Twilight spreads a veneer of normalcy and idyll but lurking beneath are two more scenarios – each packed with secrets for you to discover through the app.



Mansions of Madness is one of the most popular Lovecraft games at BoardGamePrices – clearly the adventure and exploration has really hit it off with gamers.


From Bruno Cathala (Kingdomino) and Florian Sirieix comes Imaginarium, a game which we don’t know much about but looks like this.



Instantly interested. More details to follow!


Go deeper with Abyss: Leviathan

This expansion to the submerged set collection game Abyss features, well…




With new cards and new monsters, this expansion increases the importance of the combat and exploration portion of the game. Previously only a track, strange leviathans now roam the undersea kingdom’s borders…

Abyss is a ridiculously gorgeous game of set collection set underwater that’s definitely worth checking out.


Quick Kickstarters


Continuing our undersea adventure, Nemo’s War is back on Kickstarter. One of our Black Friday Picks, the game is getting a reprint with a 5$ expansion pack added on.



If you want a great solo or two player co-op game, Nemo’s War is considered among the best.



Dark fantasy fables abound in Stuffed, a game of adorable stuffed animals searching for their souls and finding their destiny.



Despite the cutesy art style, the game contains some mildly disturbing elements and may not be suitable for children. Roll dice, recruit mercenaries or loyal teammates, and complete your mission with your Stuffed heroes.


Evil High Priest is… exactly what it says.



A game by Cthulhu War’s Sandy Petersen, Evil High Priest is about, well… summoning Great Old Ones. Gather rituals, break out henchmen, and fight off the monster hunters, but remember:  there can be only one High Priest.


Community Centerpiece


This week’s Centerpiece is The Rules Girl.



Her YouTube Channel is 3-10 minute videos explaining how to play board games… and that’s really it! Recently made a member of The Dice Tower, she makes truly excellent videos.


And that’s it for the News Brief! Don’t forget to check out November’s Most Popular Board Game Searches and what’s coming this December, including our Game of the Month: Twilight Imperium 4th Edition! Expect our review later this month.

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