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Board Game News Brief: December 27 2017

Posted Thursday, 28-Dec-2017

Walking Dead: No Sanctuary & Fog of Love arrive next month; Todd Sander’s new game, and more in this week’s News Brief!


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Pulp Detective

From the designer of They Who Were 8 and IUNU comes a game of pulp fiction and noir storytelling, of revolvers and dames and plots.



Draft cards, roll dice, follow hunches, find leads, confront the criminal and solve the case in this press your luck game with an amazing aesthetic.



We’ll know more once the game is released.


Fog of Love arrives next month!

The game of love as romantic comedy has been hotly anticipated for years, since it’s monumental Kickstarter and long process of updates and revisions. But it’s finally here!




I got to demo the game at Essen and it had a spark of authenticity in the storylines – you play as partners in a romantic relationship who are trying to achieve hidden goals by playing through scenes and events of a typical relationship. A great couple’s game.

Walking Dead No Sanctuary set for January release

The co-operative zombie fighting game of leadership and tension releases next month. No Sanctuary is based on the hit TV series and comes with many different characters to play as.



I haven’t heard too much about this one but the minis look good and we’ll see how the game reviews once it’s out.


Quick Kickstarters

Chronicle X is a retro scifi 1980s tactical board game. Phew adjectives!



Featuring 1 vs many gameplay in a science fiction past, choose from a whole bunch of aliens and soldiers to take each other out.

There’s Thunder in the East.


The low player count wargame by Victory Point designed by Frank Chadwick covers the struggle on the eastern front of WWII where German steel and Russian blood collided in titantic conflict.

Finally we have the very weirdly titled Dwarv7s Winter. It looks great though!



Battle the elements, fight the monsters, and worker placement your way to survival with your dwarves!

Lots of games went on sale this holiday season, and we made a giant list to tell you which ones to buy!



From stocking stuffers to science fiction games, here’s our Holiday Gift Guide.

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