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Board Game News Brief: December 21, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 21-Dec-2016

New campaigns for Descent and Mansions of Madness; a new edition of Le Havre; Wars rage across Middle Earth and all of space and time – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Preview Dr. Who: Time of the Daleks

Gale Force Nine’s new board game about eternal war through time and space has received its first preview. Play as the different Doctors of the series as you race back and forth through time trying to stop the Daleks from exterminating your homeworld of Gallifrey once and for all.



Just 'The Doctor.'
Just ‘The Doctor.’


Players control the various incarnations of the Doctor from the history of the series (specifically, the 1st, 4th, 5th, 10th, 11th, and 12th – alas, no Christopher Eccleston) and must fight their way through time using their companions to even the odds and take on Davros and his Dalek horde. Encounter dilemmas, anomalies, and yes, timey-wimey stuff.


Time is apparently a flat circle.
Time is apparently a flat circle.


Repair the web of time. Save Gallifrey. And run. Seriously, there’s a lot of running.


New edition of Le Havre to arrive in 2017

Lookout Games has announced a new edition of the game of shipping from Agricola designer Uwe Rosenberg. Le Havre, widely considered one of his best games, was originally released in 2008.


More like Le HAVE and Le HAVEN'T. No? I'll see myself out...
More like Le HAVE and Le HAVEN’T. No? I’ll see myself out…


The new edition will contain the base game, all released promotional cards to date, and the expansion, Le Grand Hameau.

In Le Havre, players must gather goods, construct buildings, and buy ships in the busy shipping port of Le Havre. The players must compete to get goods, improve their cash reserves, and out-compete each other to gather the largest fortune.


Quick Kickstarters


Life & Legend is an adventure card game about “risk, sacrifice, and the passage of time.”


And, hopefully, loot.
And, hopefully, loot.


You are an adventurer on their journey to becoming a legend, exploring a mysterious world, using (and losing) powerful relics and pushing your luck in order to make your journey. The game challenges you to find powerful combinations and putting it all on the line in search of glory – all in 30 minutes.


In a dystopian future where prisoners must compete for their oxygen rations, you are a desperate convict trying to survive in Sector 6.


Presumably the other 5 are way worse.
Presumably the other 5 are way worse.


The game features a board that constantly changes and shifts – be careful not to trap yourself as you try to connect your path to the oxygen tanks while keeping your opponents locked out. Can you survive Sector 6?


Finally, Undermine is an adorable worker placement card game.


It's a pun, see?
It’s a pun, see?


Operate your mines, buy the right equipment and hire workers, all while competing to be the most efficient player in order to cross the finish line first. A fast playing game at a low price point, check out Undermine.




New app-based campaigns for Mansions of Madness and Descent.

Fantasy Flight Games has released new campaigns for both of their app-based co-operative games; What Lies Within for Mansions of Madness, and Seeds of Corruption for Descent: Journeys in the Dark.



What Lies Within (available for $4.99) is a single scenario where players must investigate a murder in a supposedly abandoned home. They must solve the horrific crime and discover the source of the strange phenomena emanating from the cellar…

Seeds of Corruption is set in the city of Nerekhall, where players awaken to find themselves stripped of their gear and taken prisoner in the sewers deep beneath the city. Over the campaign’s 7 new story quests, you must make touch choices and decide whether your captor is to be feared… or trusted. The campaign is a free download – although players must own the Shadow of Nerekhall expansion to Descent to play.

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