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Board Game News Brief: December 14, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 14-Dec-2016

Rev up the nostalgia centers as some of your favorite childhood games get Restored. Prepare to Power Up your King of Tokyo and get ready for a new Cosmic Encounter – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Cosmic Encounter expansion Cosmic Eons now shipping

The 6th expansion to the classic game of galactic negotiation and fragile alliances adds not just 30 new alien species, but a new Hidden Alliances mechanic where players can choose a side to be on and then reveal that side at the critical moment


This game is going to last forever.
This game is going to last forever.


Cosmic Eons promises to shake up the game (the FFG edition of which is now 8 years old) in significant ways. The Hidden Alliance phase adds “suspense, bluffing and possibly even backstabbing” to a game already filled with suspense, bluffing, and lots of backstabbing.

Also shipping this week is DOOM The Board Game, the reboot of the 2004 title updated to the current generation of Doom. Shotguns & demons is a combination that keeps on giving, 23 years later.


Iello reveals new edition of King of Tokyo: Power Up

Smash hit monster fighting dice rolling game King of Tokyo’s first expansion Power Up will be receiving a new edition next year, following up the new edition of the base game which just released.




The set includes a new monster (The Pandakaï), evolution cards for the 6 monsters in the 2nd edition of King of Tokyo as well as the Cyber Bunny and Kraken.

Evolution Cards are specific to each monster can provide powerful effects, some permanent, others usable at a single time, that add personality and punch to each of your monsters.


Announcing Invasion: Free State

From publisher Laupetit.fi, whose previous games include Eclipse, Nations, and Honshu comes Invasion: Free State – a game inspired by the classic turn based computer games like XCOM and Laser Squad.


Color me intrigued!
Color me intrigued!


Aliens have invaded Annapolis. Human Resistance fighters have to fight off the alien threat with mechanics like simultaneous initiative, action selection, and modular board pieces.

Laupetit.fi have been on a roll recently, with recent titles Honshu and Flamme Rouge being released to critical acclaim. Invasion: Free State seems like a game to keep your eye on.


Quick Kickstarters


Any game with Barnyard in the title is automatically either completely amazing or absolutely terrible. Corky’s Porkys looks to be the former – a hilarious dexterity game for the family.




Essentially, players are trying to catch each other’s animals, and the main way to do so is using a cowboy hat which you slam down and cover the animals in the center. Players can yank their animals away if they’re quick enough, but if they do so when you’re faking them out, they lose their animals anyway. There’s dice rolling and speed and all the ingredients for a hilarious time enjoyable by all ages. Go check it out.


Empires of Steam is a deck building game with a steampunk theme that runs closely to the vein of Dominion with a couple key twists. Cards must be played into your empire to win the game, weakening your deck and opening you up to sabotage.


Industry ho!
Industry ho!


The art looks amazing and the game can be played in exactly 15 minutes with 2 players using the timed variant.


Speaking of amazing art:


Choo choo, baby
Choo choo, baby


Iberian Rails is a train based economic game about balancing long term vs short term growth, building routes, and employing the right characters using a role selection system similar to Citadels or Mission: Red Planet.


Restoration Games announces their slate of revamped titles.

Game designer Rob Daviau (Pandemic Legacy) and lawyer Justin Jacobson started Restoration Games earlier this year. Their goal: To restore old games, update the rules, the graphics, and make them workable for a modern board games audience.




The company has just announced their first three games: Parker Brother’s Stop Thief, Indulgence, an Italian Renaissance re-theme of Milton Bradley’s Dragonmaster and Downforce, a re-theme of Wolfgang Kramer’s Top Race.

You can click through to the links to get the details. The games look super interesting and definitely deserve a chance by today’s gamers.

Restoration Games plans to announce more titles in the future, although when that will be is currently unclear.

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