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Board Game News Brief: August 9, 2017

Posted Thursday, 10-Aug-2017

Fantasy Flight Games announces a Fallout adventure board game, Terra Mystica goes to space, and new detective adventures in the Runebound universe – all this and more, on this week’s Board Game News Brief


Fallout Board Game: Adventures in the wasteland

War never changes – but you can at least level up and shoot some mutants while wandering the wastes.




Publisher Fantasy Flight Games is injecting the game with plenty of choice and consequence, with a system that shuffles decision cards back into decks so you’ll have to deal with them later, and a mechanic that forces you to balance how much you help the various factions of the Wasteland.





Explore Vaults and fight off super mutants either alone or with up to four friends – co-operatively or competitively. Fallout looks amazing. I CANNOT WAIT.


Terra Mystica in Space: Gaia Project

I mean, it’s Terra Mystica in Space. What else do you want me to say?




Billed as a spiritual successor and featuring a modular map and technology abilities, the game keeps the many unique races and highly colorful art style of the original.



The game has been in the works for a long time, science fiction eurogame fans will definitely want to get their hands on Gaia Project once it drops.

Dragon Holmes: Consulting Detective – Legacy of Dragonholt


A mysterious assassination in the land of Descent and Runebound – and you have been tasked to solve the crime. Can you unveil the Legacy of Dragonholt?



Attend balls, escort gullible gnomes, and search for countess’s daughters in this game that’s half RPG, half adventure board game. Create your characters, join your party, and work together to unlock the mysteries of Dragonholt.



With Gen Con right around the corner, there will undoubtedly be more details coming from FFG about this, Fallout, and their other as-yet-unannounced titles. Stay tuned for more!



Quick Kickstarters


Can you find a new home in outer space Before the Earth Explodes



This card game of science fiction settlement packs slick aesthetics and quick card play into a slim package. Worth a look.

The Brigade is a game of fantasy fire fighting. It looks like this:



Players are fire wardens (whether human, elven, or dwarf…en) who must hire crew and manage their water to put out the magical fire that’s engulfing the town of Tinderbox. Questionable naming conventions aside, The Brigade looks like great fun, and you can check them out here.

You caught your breath? Good, cause the firefighting doesn’t stop. It’s a Flash Point expansion: Tragic Events.



The co-operative game of city firefighting is back, and as the name of the expansion suggests, it’s not going to be easily sailing. With 35 new event cards that replace the hot spot mechanic from the base game and 3 new specialists (Strategist, Suppression, Fire Prevention) the expansion looks to add a cool new twist to the base game.

Community Centerpiece

Pandemic designer Matt Leacock is off saving the world again – this time in Uganda, where he’s raising funds for Gamechangers, a society that wants to bring social development to the children of Uganda via board games.



Gamechangers is currently taking donations for the project, and Matt is giving away prizes to random donors who comment on his blog post.

The prizes are:

  • a new, never-before seen prototype role card for Pandemic with your name on it
  • a game
  • a lenticular Forbidden Island postcard
  • a special, hand-made “Box 9” for Pandemic Legacy Season 2 that only YOU will ever know the contents of
  • or all of the above … who knows?

To help out a worthy cause, go here.

Thank you for reading the Board Game News Brief! Check out our picks for the Twenty Hottest Board Games of Gen Con 2017! The convention’s next week – have you got your shopping list ready?

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