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Board Game News Brief: August 30th, 2017

Posted Friday, 1-Sep-2017

Legend of the Five Rings meets Game of Thrones, Uwe Rosenberg’s latest game, and a gravity-defying game of theme park construction – all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief!


Prepared by Calvin Wong

Legend of the Five Rings meets Game of Thrones

Battle for Rokugan is Fantasy Flight’s newest big box game; an adaptation of their Game of Thrones board game into the Legend of the Five Rings universe.



This game of armies, negotiation, and backstabbing plays 2 to 5 players and moves the setting from Westeros to the titular Rokugan, a land where seven clans do battle for glory and influence.



The victory condition moves from ‘hold 7 castles’ to a more objective based system. Along with the various factions in the game, each session will hopefully feel unique and fresh. Battle for Rokugan will be available soon.


Uwe Rosenberg’s Njusford

The designer of Agricola and A Feast for Odin has announced his newest game: Njusford!




A tranquil fishing village in north Norway, Njusford continues Rosenberg’s tradition of economic worker placement games – but set in the idyllic 1960s as the owner of a Norwegian fishing company – clearing forest, developing their harbor, constructing buildings, buying shares in other companies, and of course, fishing. We’ll bring you more information about Njusford as the game gets closer to release.

Coaster Park

From designer Scott Almes (Tiny Epic) comes Coaster Park! A game of building 3D roller coasters and then shooting marbles along them.



This light game of coaster construction has you hiring crew, collecting the right pieces, and obeying the laws of physics – if the marble can’t clear your coaster’s entire length, your ride doesn’t work!



Published by Pandasaurus Games of Dinosaur Island and Wasteland Express Delivery Service fame, Coaster Park is due at Essen in October.


Quick Kickstarters

From designer Tim Fowers (Paperback, Fugitive, Burgle Bros) comes Now Boarding!, a real time co-operative board game about keeping planes in the air.



Players play in 30 second rounds, using their planes to pick up, transfer, and drop off passengers at the correct destinations using various global routes and connections. Deal with angry passengers, upgrade your plane, and keep your eye on the clock – you’re Now Boarding!



Wits & Wagers, the party game of trivia and betting where ‘close enough’ counts, now has a new deluxified edition in Vegas Wits & Wagers!



Vegas ups the ante on the regular game’s betting, allowing more specific bets for bigger payouts if you’re feeling confident about your (or another team’s) answers. The new edition also comes with a stupendously large betting mat for incredible table presence in keeping with that Vegas feel.



Science fiction TV show Warehouse 13 gets a board game adaptation!



The game of gathering artifacts and storing them in Warehouse 13 (Raiders of the Lost Ark style) is hindered by the fact that among the agents there might be a traitor in the midst. Reminiscent of games like Battlestar Galactica, but with a fully co-operative mode of play, Warehouse 13 looks like a great time.

Community Centerpiece

BoardGameGeek recently commissioned four of board gaming’s most talented and influential artists to draw travel style posters for their favorite board games, and here are the results:

Vincent Dutrait’s (Robinson Crusoe, TIME Stories, Lewis & Clark, Elysium) poster for Blood Rage



Jacqui Davis’ (Viticulture, Euphoria: Build A Better Dystopia, Stockpile) poster for Agricola



Ian O’Toole’s (The Gallerist, Vinhos, Lisboa) poster for Mysterium



Kwanchai Moriya’s (Capital Lux, Kodama, Flip Ships, Dinosaur Island) poster for Galaxy Trucker



These posters will be available as prints on the BoardGameGeek store in September. You can find out more here.

Thank you for reading the News Brief! Be sure to check out our latest list, Ars Technica’s pick of their Hottest Gen Con Board Games. See you next week!

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