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Board Game News Brief: August 26th, 2016

Posted Friday, 26-Aug-2016

A sequel to Keyflower; Sherlock Holmes vs Jack the Ripper; and a slight delay in making Seafall; all this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Fee Fi Fo Fum

The Blood of an Englishman is a new game from Dan Cassar, designer of 2015’s Arboretum, a surprisingly competitive card game for being about making a lovely tree garden to have a walk in.


Better get your money back, Jack.
Better get your money back, Jack.


Players are either Jack, who has climbed the beanstalk in search or riches, or the Giant, defending his castle in the sky against this tiny interloper. The Blood of an Englishman is a 2 player card game that spans 20-30 minutes and will retail in November for 15 dollars.



Jack The Ripper & The West End Adventures – new Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective game.

Catch your breath – you’ll need it after that enormous headline. Ready? There’s a slew of new cases ready for you to crack as history’s most infamous serial murderer stalks the streets.



From Hell he comes...
From Hell he comes…


This latest chapter in the popular series is completely standalone – you will not require a copy of Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective to play. Players take on the role of investigators who are trying to solve crimes by poring over maps, newspapers, and other tiny clues while being aided by Sherlock Holmes himself.

While the game does come with new cases, the star feature is the four-case campaign for mature audiences based on the historical murders of Jack the Ripper, with newspapers and maps specifically for your hunt for the man who was never caught.

Jack The Ripper & and the West End Adventures will be coming to haunt you in the fourth quarter.



Key to the City – London

The latest in the line of Key games (KeyflowerKey Harvest) about an idyll land called Key, Key to the City is designers Sebastian Bleasdale and Richard Bleese’s attempt at city planning.


Lord Mayor, here I come!
Lord Mayor, here I come!


Hexes and locations still heavily feature, and the game is played over four eras, similar to the seasons in keyflower. Resource generation, upgrading, and sailing along the Thames – Key to the City – London seems like a wonderful time.




Quick Kickstarters

Kicking us off this week is Chops – a rock and roll card game about trying to start a band and gain fame.


Have you got what it takes?
Have you got what it takes?


Recruit a motley crew of the who’s who and achieve the nirvana of rock by pearl jamming your way to being the band with the most buzz on the block… or watch it all go down like a led zeppelin and be forced to sell out and take green day jobs.

Isle of Monsters is cute. Very cute.




I honestly could not describe the game better than the KS page itself, which says:

Though harmless, the monsters are used by the natives to keep the outside world afraid and away from their tiny island paradise.  As tradition dictates, the natives compete to capture the best creatures, feed them the right foods, and win scare competitions to determine who can earn the job of Island Protector.

My heart.

Next, find yourself Among Thieves as you and your friends try to settle who is the greatest cutpurse of all.


Honor? Where?
Honor? Where?


This game of action selection, sneakiness, and bald faced thievery is done in a wonderfully gothic art style reminescent of the creepy imagery of the Addams Family or the works of Edward Gorey. Check it out if you’re into that sort of thing.

Seafall makes landfall – held at customs

Plaid Hat Game’s most hotly anticipated title of the year is facing some delays at US customs and will be held up for a couple of weeks.


Seafall? More like sea... um, I got nothing.
Seafall? More like sea… um, I got nothing.


The Legacy game of exploration, trade, and conflict in an age of sail is designed by Rob Daviau of Risk Legacy and Pandemic Legacy fame. Pre-orders of the game will be delayed until early October, with the game coming to retail shortly after.

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