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Board Game News Brief: August 26, 2015

Posted Tuesday, 25-Aug-2015

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Mice & Mystics spin-off ‘Tail Feathers’ available for preorder

Mice vs Rats on the backs of starlings and blue jays! Set in the universe of family co-op game Mice & Mystics, Tail Feathers is a 2 player miniatures game where players must balance the use of both aerial and ground forces to achieve victory.


Yes, the miniatures really tilt.
Yes, the miniatures really tilt.


Available in 2-5 months from Plaid Hat Games, the game allows you to use your Mice & Mystics miniatures in Tail Feathers and features a story-based campaign.

Rise of the Vampires

From Rob Daviau, designer of Risk Legacy and Betrayal at House on the Hill, comes V-Wars, a game of global interspecies conflict which releases in December.


Publisher IDW is also putting out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board game
Publisher IDW is also putting out the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles board game


Based on the comic series of the same name, V-Wars is a game of warfare and political maneuvering which sees 3-5 players fighting for the fate of their species. The game includes 120 plastic models and the ability for vampires to convert humans into their own kind.


Space Mining with your M.U.L.E.

The classic computer game comes to the table. An economic strategy game for 3-4 players, players must use their  Multiple Use Labor Elements to harvest resources and sell them to their opponents for profit.


Cute, if stubborn
Cute, but stubborn.


Claim territory, harvest food, energy and ore as well as the elusive Crystite, the material from which M.U.L.E.s are built. Players must balance supply and demand while keeping an eye on their fellow colonists as they work towards victory. The game will be released in October at Essen.

Judgement rendered on crowdfunding scam

In 2012, Altius Manangement ran a Kickstarter campaign for Asylum playing cards which never delivered despite raising 25,000 dollars.

The doomed project in question
The doomed project in question.

The company has been ordered by Washington State Superior Court to pay $54,851 in penalties, court costs, and restitution to backers in Washington. Washington Attorney General Bob Ferguson said “Washington state will not tolerate crowdfunding theft. If you accept money from consumers, and don’t follow through on your obligations, my office will hold you accountable.”
This is the second major crowdfunding court case in 2015 since The Doom That Came To Atlantic City was indicted by the Federal Trade Commission for $112,000 in June.

Welcome to Antarctica!

Charles Chevallier, co-designer of Abyss, will have his new game of Antarctic development released at Essen.

Ships and scientists seeking a warm reception.
Ships and scientists seeking a warm reception.

Featuring a rondel mechanic which simulates the movement of the sun at the South Pole, players must conduct research, construct facilities (such as wind turbines), and move their scientists onto the frozen continent in order to score points.

Quick Kickstarters

Cat Tower is a dexterity stacking game where you attempt to stack little cardboard cats. It comes with a real time mode, which sounds about as chaotic as they describe.
Dwarf vs Troll action in 2 player board game HOARDERS. Featuring 1 vs Many gameplay action, the game promises fast setup and gameplay.
From Minion Games comes Sun, Moon, & Stars, a whimsical micro card game of deduction and bluffing suitable for family play.
Treasure Hunters is a 2-6 player card drafting game from Richard Garfield, designer of King of Tokyo and Magic: The Gathering.

"Goblins! Why is it always goblins?"
“Goblins! Why is it always goblins?”


Players draft their adventurers and play powerful enchantments, weapons, and animal companions in order to go into the dungeon and swipe the most loot.

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