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Board Game News Brief: August 24, 2017

Posted Thursday, 24-Aug-2017

A new Star Wars ground combat game; CLANK! IN! SPACE!; and Fireball Island gets the Restoration Treatment in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Star Wars: Legion

Fantasy Flight steals the show at Gen Con with their surprise announcement – a Star Wars miniatures game called Legion.



The Core Set contains 33 unique miniatures for both the Rebel and Imperial sides – no two sculpts being the same. Designed by Andy Davey, who previously worked on expansions for X-Wing and Armada, Legion differs from FFG’s previous Star Wars products by being a miniatures game through and through.



Although these product shots are painted and placed against terrain, players of Star Wars Legion will need to assemble and paint their own miniatures. The game also does not come with terrain.



All that aside, if you want to relive the epic ground battles of the series with features like unit movement and command abilities to simulate battlefield leadership, Star Wars Legion will be out early next year.

Clank! In! Space!

Deck-builder-with-a-board Clank! stormed the BoardGamePrices charts for last few months – now its sequel has been announced – the highly punctuated Clank! In! Space!



The main new features of this standalone title are, obviously, a shift to space, but also a modular board that allows players to change their experience each time they play. Also more humor:



Clank in Space satirizes many, if not all of science fiction’s touchstones, from Back To The Future to The Hitchhiker’s Guide – prepare for many references you may not know. The game will be available in the Fall.

Restoration Games takes on Fireball Island

The classic Hasbro game of marble madness returns for a new generation as Restoration Games gives us Fireball Island.



Currently in the design phase, the game will feature the classic marble tracks where players can be knocked over by the game’s titular ‘fireballs’ – but with updated mechanics for a discerning 2017 audience.



The teaser images belie a kistchy Americana aesthetic, a stark departure from Restoration’s other titles so far: Stop Thief, Downforce, and Indulgence – all of which have been picking up critical acclaim and are definitely worth checking out.


Quick Kickstarters

First up we have Rise of the Exiled a game of throwing cards to make attacks.



Featuring a cool fantasy art style, four different factions to create interesting variety and strategy, and rewards for great aim, Rise of the Exiled looks like a great time.

The Library burns. Alexandria by Ludicreations is a gorgeous, high production eurogame of trying to get what you want out of the Great Library of Alexandria before it burns to the ground.



Featuring a truly gorgeous aesthetic and gameplay that seems fresh and interesting, check out Alexandria.

Featuring solo, co-op, and competitive play in a science fiction future for 1 to 7 players, this is Wanted Earth.



Featuring a diverse cast of cool miniatures and a slick science fiction aesthetic, Wanted Earth boasts “no confusing rules, millions of tiny pieces, or long and tedious setup”. Sounds like a fun time!

Community Centerpiece

This week we spotlight The Rules Girl! Her channel, as the name implies, focusing on ultra short videos that explain rules succinctly.



This video however, is not short! As a special treat to announce that The Rules Girls is becoming part of The Dice Tower network, she brings a special unboxing video of Twilight Imperium 4th Edition which features almost all the components of the game. Want to see what buffs your favorite race got?

And that’s it for the news brief. Remember to check out all the games that released at Gen Con last week and place your pre-orders before they go out of stock!

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