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Board Game News Brief: August 19, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 19-Aug-2015

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Mage Knight meets a new Frontier.

Wizkids has announced Star Trek: Frontier, a new title based on their popular adventure board game Mage Knight.


And the nominees for most unlikely crossover...
And the nominees for most unlikely crossover are…


Featuring random map generation with competitive, cooperative, and solo play, the game promises head to head conflict between the Federation and the Klingon Empire, exploration, and the ability to level up your character.

They Come Unseen

Cold War era submarine hunting, designed by a real submarine commander. Wargame publisher Osprey Games (of the Bolt Action franchise) is putting out this game of asymmetrical naval warfare for an October release.


Cover art to be proud of.
Cover art to be proud of.


They Come Unseen is for 2 to 5 players and features hidden movement for the submarines and a plethora of various systems such as fuel, ammunition, and cruising depth.


Keeping Score on Crowdfunding

Popular statistics blog FiveThirtyEight.com has put up a piece analyzing the state of the crowdfunding industry in terms of raw numbers.


Kickstarters of Catan
Kickstarters of Catan.


The piece looks at the figures from the biggest projects ever and interviews two figures from the industry. If you’d like a closer look at Kickstarter stats, BoardGameData.com has a handy tool for measuring various metrics of Kickstarter campaigns since the site’s inception.

Revisit the City of Iron

New art, new cards, a revised board, and more in Red Raven Game’s City of Iron Second Edition. Red Raven Games announced this new edition alongside their Kickstarter for Dingo’s Dreams (designed by Alf Seegert, of Fantastiqa)


Floating City of Iron, clearly
Floating City of Iron, surely.


Ryan Laukat is the designer/illustrator of Eight Minute Empire, Above and Below, and The Ancient World. City of Iron is his heavy civilization building game for 2 to 4 players.

Quick Kickstarters

Level 99 Games is putting out their digital edition of popular fighting game series BattleCon, a critically acclaimed 2 player game based on classic arcade fighters.

All Fathomed Out lets you explore the ocean’s depths and collect rare and fantastic specimens. Featuring a unique theme and a fun art style, the game features decks with names like ‘Abyssal Deep.’ and ‘Shenanigans.’

Minimalist art and science fiction gameplay combine in Earth 667c, a game about the race to leave our solar system in search of a new home. This epic game of space exploration and technology plays from 1 to 6 players and has full rules available for download.

Mint Tin Mini Apocalypse is a microgame which fits into, as the name implies, a mint tin. Players must frantically roll dice to get into their fallout shelter. Includes a manhole cover expansion.

Finally we have Twilight Arcana: Queens of the Twelve Realms.


The gorgeous tarot-sized cards of Twilight Arcana.
The gorgeous tarot-sized cards of Twilight Arcana.


2 to 5 players will use these cards to undertake Ploys against the Twelve Queens, which are vulnerable to Thwarts and Counter-Thwarts alike. This game of intrigue and influence features art by at least 7 different artists.


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