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Board Game News Brief: August 17th, 2016

Posted Wednesday, 17-Aug-2016

Return to Whitechapel; Twilight Struggle gets a sequel; Ultimate Werewolf gets the Legacy treatment – and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief

Dear Boss: An expansion for Letters from Whitechapel

Ripped from the pages of history, Letters from Whitechapel is a game of cat and mouse between serial killer Jack the Ripper and the police trying to close the net. Since its original release in 2011, Letters has enthralled players with its historical accuracy and tense hidden movement gameplay – and now the first expansion has been unveiled.


No blood included.
No blood included.


Taking its name from the first line of one of the killer’s letters, Dear Boss adds three modules to the game – one for the police, and two for Jack – these modules add historical characters with special abilities that can be triggered by either player, and are meant to be mixed into the game as balance tuners – if Jack always wins, adding the police module might help swing the game.

Dear Boss also comes with minis!


Dear Boss minis

Twilight Struggle 2: Imperial Struggle

The follow up game from Twilight Struggle designers Ananda Gupta and Jason Matthews has finally been announced.


Vive le France!/Long Live The King!
Vive le France!/Long Live The King!


Imperial Struggle covers the conflict between England and France between 1697 and 1789 – a period known as the Second Hundred Years War – even though 4 wars actually took place during this time.

During peacetime, players will seek out diplomatic, military, or economic opportunities by taking investment tiles – fortify alliances with other European nations, expand your control of natural resources and swell your armies and navies.

In war, players can seize territory from their opponent: from the Americas to faraway India. The game has no dice and relies on build up during peacetime to see who wins during war.

Imperial Struggle is currently available through GMT game’s P500 pre-order system, although there’s really little doubt that the game will make it to retail given its legacy.

Quick Kickstarters

War Co.


Space battles in space: The game.
Space battles in space: The game.


The straightforward name hides a game of deceit and science fiction space battles. The game’s 300 cards (6 unique 50-card decks) can be played face up or face down – allowing players to carefully manipulate their opponents while staying on the right side of their energy costs – as cards that cannot be paid for must be discarded without effect.

With stellar (ehehe) art and intriguing gameplay, War Co. is worth a look if you’re into the idea of a scifi game that can accommodate a large variety of player counts.


From the designer of Cthulhu Wars Sandy Petersen comes his next ambitious project, The Gods War (subtitle: Glorantha)


Sandy Petersen doesn't aim small.
Sandy Petersen doesn’t aim small.


Yes, the minis are enormous. Yes, it’s asymmetric strategy – The Gods War places players in charge of 4 highly distinct pantheons as they struggle over a dying, changing world, with a map that changes as you play.

If you want a game of truly epic proportions with miniatures to match, go give The Gods War a look. The minis really are absurdly huge.


Bringing things back down to earth is Unfair.


You're going down!
You’re going down!


Build your roller coasters and sabotage the competition! With 4 fantastical themes (Pirates, Robots, Vampires, and Jungle) to choose from, Unfair is a tableau building game with slick art, quick play, and bribing, backstabbing, and blackmail.



Announcing Ultimate Werewolf: Legacy


Howl at this.
Howl at this.


The classic game of social deduction gets a Legacy upgrade. Co-designed by Ted Alspach and Rob Daviau, events of one game now ripple into future games, with players able to attain titles and play in a campaign mode – with chapters designed to follow one another in an unfolding narrative. Moderators can also change in between the 3 games in each chapter.

No word yet on other components must be destroyed/altered or whether the Legacy aspect is limited to persistent narrative tweaks – but we’ll learn more as the game grows closer to its release.

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