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Board Game News Brief: August 12, 2015

Posted Wednesday, 12-Aug-2015

 Contributed by Calvin Wong


Colosseum Reprint Announced

Put on a circus, Colosseum is coming back! This old Days of Wonder title is receiving a reprint courtesy of Tasty Minstrel games, which they announced on their Facebook Page.


Bread & Circuses for all!
Bread & Circuses for all!


The game will be re-released as the Emperor’s Edition, with higher quality components and a Kickstarter launch on October 27th.


New Lieutenants for Descent Second Edition

Fantasy Flight Games have announced a new line of undead miniatures to complement their Mists of Bilehall expansion, which pits players against the unwavering hordes of the undead.


Undead representation is at an all time high
Undead representation is at an all time high


Take command of a vampire, an undead commander, and an elf necromancer. The uniting theme for these packs is a sense of oppression and slow, thousand-cuts style attacks.


Russian Railroads gets German expansion

German Railroads expands Hans im Glück’s hit worker placement game, shifting the action westward and including solo play.


East meets West as Railroads come together
East meets West as Railroads come together


Apart from a new resource type (coal), players can now play in Germany along with new interconnecting rail routes. The game is now available for preorder from German retailers and should be coming to the English market soon.


Quick Kickstarters

Perspective is a 10 dollar micro-card game, which publisher Minion Games compares to Hanabi. A social memory/deduction game, players manipulate a hand of double sided cards in order to get the right colors in the right order.

Dead of Winter meets Betrayal at House on the Hill with Cultists of Cthulhu from Sixpence Games. 2 to 6 players seek to accomplish the scenario goals while a secret cultist lurks amongst their midst.

Promising customizable warships and a robust 2 player strategy game, Winds of Fortune is a fantasy naval combat game of monsters and maneuvering on the high seas.


Tall ships and fantasy, what's not to like?
Tall ships and fantasy, what’s not to like?


From the designers of Raiders of the North Sea comes Flee the Scene, a pick up and deliver heist game about delivering stolen art by rail, road, and sea across Europe for 2 to 4 players.




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