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Board Game News Brief: August 11th, 2016

Posted Thursday, 11-Aug-2016

We round up the news from Gen Con! New Fantasy Flight announcements, co-op for Imperial Assault, and a new games company brings back your favorite out of print classics.

Rob Daviau founds Restoration Games 

The designer of Pandemic Legacy and Seafall has announced Restoration Games, a company dedicated to “[Taking] games from the 60s, 70s, 80s, and 90s and fix them up for the modern gamer”.


Restoration Games


Currently, the website consists only of a spiffy logo, a suggestion space for ‘Games you want to see come back’ and a short survey for customer demographics. If you have any grail games, now’s the time.

(Also apparently LOTS of people love the McDonalds game?)



Blood Rage in Japan: Rising Sun

From Eric Lang and CoolMiniOrNot comes the spiritual successor to Blood Rage: Rising Sun.


Presumably the game will be in English.
Presumably the game will be in English.


Where Blood Rage was a game of viking-on-viking god violence with monsters and card drafting (and gorgeous minis!) Rising Sun is a game of samurai-on-Japanese god violence with negotiation and honor (and gorgeous minis.)

Inspired by Diplomacy as Blood Rage was inspired by Risk, the exact same creative team is returning from Blood Rage to work on Rising Sun and the excitement values could not be higher for those of you into negotiation and minis.



Fantasy Flight announcement roundup

If we gave FFG a news item for everything they announced at Gen Con we’d be here all week. Here’s a series of brief summaries:


Fully co-op!
Fully co-op!


Yes, that’s right – another co-op card game from the designer of the Lord of the Rings LCG. Described as having more RPG-esque elements such as exploration, character development, and storytelling, Arkham Horror supports 1-4 players (3 or 4 with a second core set) and allows investigators to go mad together.


Fear and Loathing in New Angeles
Fear and Loathing in New Angeles

Set in their Android Universe and designed by James Kniffen (Forbidden Stars), New Angeles has been described as Battlestar Galactica crossed with Dead of Winter. Players take on the roles of megacorporations who are trying to maneuver, negotiate, doublecross, and squeeze profit from each other – but without attracting the attention of the federal government, who will step in and cause everyone to lose should things get too dire.

Unless of course, you sided with the feds all along…




Runewars: The Miniatures Game! Trays! Let’s talk about trays. Instead of moving units individually, Runewars comes with trays you slot your units in and then you just move the whole tray. There’s no measuring tape as the game comes with movement templates a la X-Wing. So far two factions have been announced – presumably thirty more are in the works.



Ho ho ho ho!
Ho ho ho ho!


Become bantha pudu as the Scum faction makes their way to Imperial Assault. Featuring Jabba, the Rancor, and, yes, Luke Skywalker, this expansion (and associated minis boxes) lets you enter a hive of villainy like no other…




If you thought the ships in Force Awakens were cool, Wave X of X-Wing lets you fly the quadjumper (it goes backwards) Kylo Ren’s shuttle (the wings move) and Sabine’s TIE Fighter from Star Wars: Rebels lets the Alliance field the nimble craft for the first time.


Armada Wave V


More fighter squadrons! New light cruisers! The Ghost from Star Wars Rebels! An ability called Snipe! Check out Wave V here.




And finally, alien sympathizers EXALT and mech troopers come to XCOM. Borrowing elements from the video game’s expansion, Evolution adds more missions, more minis, and more game mechanics to this co-op real time game of defending earth from alien invasion.

Stay tuned for one final massive announcement for fans of Imperial Assault and co-op play after the Kickstarters.



Quick Kickstarters

Eschaton bills itself as Risk + Dominion and has a card called Armageddon.


To be honest if you’re not already clicking that link I don’t know what else to tell you.

Megacorp is a cyberpunk card game for 2 to 9 players that aims for collectible status (but will settle for set starter decks) set in 10,000 AD.


In the future, there will be no smiling.
In the future, there will be no smiling.


Players are corporations engaged in direct conflict with other corporations in direct warfare. It’s certainly more direct than most other cyberpunk – if that turns your head check out the (incredibly extensive) kickstarter page.

Finally we have Bureaunauts – a game about climbing the corporate ladder – in space!


Those are some confident space-men.
Those are some confident space-men.


Achieve your career goals and hit those KPIs in your bid to become CEO! Bureaunauts is a quick playing card game which really nails that retro 80s look so many games try for but fall short of.


Imperial Assault App announced for co-op play

Imperial Assault! Co-op! Yeah!

Unfortunately, apart from the headline that’s all we have. The Road To Legend app for Descent has apparently tripled sales of the already-popular dungeon crawling line.

An app for Imperial Assault has been hotly requested ever since Road to Legend was announced, and with the recent Mansions of Madness Second Edition release (also app-driven) it was honestly a matter of time before players could get their Star Wars on with their friends and not worry about having to stick one player in the Overlord role.


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