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Board Game News Brief – April 5, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 5-Apr-2017

Huge news on this week’s news brief! Gloomhaven gets a reprint, Scythe adds Airships, Brass receives a beautiful new edition – and Moana fans get a treat!

Gloomhaven Reprint now on Kickstarter 

The epic game of dungeoneering is back in print, with the Kickstarter already up to a million dollars as gamers vie to get their hands on this epic.


There's a new box in town.
There’s a new box in town.


According to the campaign, the reprint will contain a revised rulebook and scenario book, some additional components to aid with bookkeeping, and the option to purchase additional miniatures, standees, and a solo campaign. The rulebooks and scenarios are also available for free online.

Gloomhaven made a huge splash when it was released earlier this year, with its 90+ scenarios and 17 unlockable characters over an epic campaign system coming out to critical acclaim. With copies currently selling for almost double retail price, this new print run is a huge relief for any gamers who want to get their hands on its unique combat system and great campaign play.

New Scythe Expansion: The Wind Gambit



The smokestacks could be heard for miles.
The smokestacks could be heard for miles.


The new Scythe expansion (available at retail) adds floating fortresses to each of the game’s seven factions, each with their own unique abilities from bombarding enemy positions to ferrying your workers – and allows you to leave your home spaces without riverwalking or building tunnels.



The expansion is due towards the end of the year and includes new end game goals as well as the aforementioned airships. Who doesn’t love airships?? If you haven’t checked out Scythe yet you can do so here, as well as the previous expansion Invaders from Afar.


Brass: Lancashire & Birmingham

Classic eurogame Brass gets a gorgeous reprint – and a sequel




Brass is a game of industrial revolution in England is a revered classic of the economic eurogame genre and is often cited in lists of most influential games. The original is being updated as Brass: Lancashire, and the graphic update is most welcome given the previous edition looked like this.

The game is also receiving some minor balance updates, especially with regards to two and three players to make the game feel better at those counts.



Birmingham on the other hand is a sequel to Brass, featuring a new location, new actions, new industries (brewing, manufactured goods, pottery) and various other upgrades.

You can check out Brass here.

Quick Kickstarters

This is The Grimm Forest.


I couldn't bring myself to crop any of this.
I couldn’t bring myself to crop any of this.


The three little pigs are trying to build their houses with a little help from Snow White, Robin Hood, and Rumpelstiltskin – but there can only be one winner, and everyone else might fall prey to a bridge troll. Adorable, gorgeous, family friendly fun. The Grimm Forest.


DiverCity is a co-operative game about saving reefs from exploitation by evil corporations. (It’s a pun on diversity, geddit)


The Captain and her miniature.
The Captain and her miniature.


Adapt to the underwater environment, choose from up to 16 levels of difficulty, and gain political support to stop hotels and oil platforms from ravaging the coral reefs. Check out DiverCity.


From the designer of DOOM: The Board Game and Imperial Assault comes Bargain Quest! A game about selling equipment to adventurers and protecting your town from evil through the power of commerce!


Nothing is more important than loot.
Nothing is more important than loot.


With its design chops and illustrations by a Disney visual development artist, Bargain Quest is worth checking out. Speaking of Disney:

Community Centerpiece

This week’s community spotlight is Ambie Valdés (@ambierona), who has a very geeky talent indeed; she writes and performs board game themed parodies of famous Disney songs. Here is her Deep Sea Adventure parody of How Far I’ll Go from Moana.



On Ambie’s YouTube channel you can find plenty of songs from loads of other beloved Disney films like Hunchback of Notre Dame, Mulan, Beauty & The Beast, and, of course, Frozen.


Don’t forget that we’re running a giveaway of Terraforming Mars! The game was a smash hit at Essen and Gen Con and you can enter to win a free copy.

If you already own Terraforming Mars and love it, check out our other Engine Building Game recommendations!

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