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Board Game News Brief: April 4th, 2018

Posted Friday, 6-Apr-2018

My favorite eurogame gets a reprint, Fireball Island now open for visitors, and Steampunk Dungeons to crawl in. This is the News Brief!

Rescued from financial ruin by Calvin Wong

Crisis gets reprinted (FINALLY)

The nation of Axia is in crisis. Government corruption, financial uncertainty, and a crashing economy have led the Economic Union (EU) to impose crippling austerity measures.

In the midst of this turmoil comes opportunity. Bankrupt corporations and privatized industries are yours for the buying – can you navigate your way to fortune from Axia’s decline?

A medium-weight worker placement game of surviving a financial tailspin, Crisis is my personal favorite eurogame of all time. The reprint is finally on Kickstarter as well as an expansion, The New Economy.

Get on it! This game is amazing!


Steampunk Dungeons announced

Ancient evil meets modern science in this campaign-based, deckbuilding dungeon crawler for one to six inventors set in the Steampunk Rally universe, Roxley Games will be bringing Steampunk Dungeons to your table.

The look is gorgeous – set in the same world as Steampunk Rally (a game I definitely wasn’t expecting to get a dungeon-crawling spinoff…) but instead of racing it’s enemies and explosions. Fully co-operative with no dungeon master, ten scenarios, character advancement – I personally can’t wait to get my hands on this.


Coming in a ludicrously large box, Fireball Island is a restoration of the retro classic game of marble rolling and action adventure.

Even as the marble careens down the mountain, the paths and trees can divert it one way or another.

It’s got one of the best Kickstarter pages I’ve ever seen and has raised over a million dollars so far. Press-your-luck, card play, set collection, and marble rolling come together in a gorgeous visual package with up to four optional expansions. More importantly, it looks so much fun!

Quick Kickstarters

This week we have Irish-folklore inspired adventure game Mournequest, a family roadtrip in Highways and Byways, and a science-fiction card drafting game of intrigue and betrayal in Imperius!

MourneQuest project video thumbnail

Based on the novel series of the same name, MourneQuest is an adorable game of adventure from the creators of Guards! Guards! and Clacks, the official Discworld boardgames.

Highways and Byways is a game of roadtripping across the United States. Drive all your routes and see all your sights before returning home in this deep yet accessible game.

Finally, Imperius by Cry Havoc designer Grant Rodiek tasks you with outwitting and outmaneuvering your rival factions in a game of card drafting, hidden information, and intrigue. It’s gorgeous, the game looks slick, and you can get on it right now.


Trending Board Game of the Week!

Food Chain Magnate

Have you ever wanted to run a fast food chain? Food Chain Magnate lets you live that shake and fries dream.

Food Chain Magnate is a strategy board game about building and operating a fast food chain with a particular focus on human resources. Hire and train staff to run your franchise: marketing directors, brand managers, right down to the burger flippers – all are within your purview to hire and fire – hopefully without paying too many wages along the way.

Buy Food Chain Magnate if you’re looking for a dense, “thinky” experience with a retro art style and heavy gameplay.

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