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Board Game News Brief: April 28, 2016

Posted Thursday, 28-Apr-2016

Return to the House on the Hill, a new Legend of Andor, drive scenic Route 666 – and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.

Contributed by Calvin Wong

Betrayal at House on the Hill receives first ever expansion.

Enter if you dare. Exit if you can. It has been 12 years since this classic board game of exploration, horror, and betrayal has graced our tables, and it is rightfully considered a classic.

AGH oh it's just a board game
AGH oh it’s just a board game

The Widow’s Walk is the game’s first expansion set, promising not only new cards and tiles in all the categories, it also adds a roof, and 50 new Haunts, penned by a dizzying range of gaming luminaries – from Pandemic Legacy’s Rob Daviau to Dead of Winter’s Jonathan Gilmour – to some more eclectic choices like Jerry Holkins (Penny Arcade), Anita Sarkeesian (Feminist Frequency), Pendleton Ward (Adventure Time) and Max Temkin (Cards Against Humanity).


The Widow's Walk Rooms

A sample of the game's new components.
A sample of the game’s new components.


The expansion is compatible with all editions of Betrayal and is due in the Fall.


Martin Wallace announces Route 666

Well technically, Asmodee announced it. But Martin Wallace of Brass and A Few Acres of Snow is designing a zombie game set in the heart of Californian Americana.


Ah, the past.
Ah, the past.


Players gas up their cars and drive down the coast trying to be the first to get to L.A. Whether you choose to fight the undead or blow past them in your car is up to you, but the game features an auction mechanic where players can put up gas, ammo, or precious adrenaline in order to put themselves on the route of their choice as they drive south, leaving your friends stuck with the alternatives.



"I think it's a salient commentary on capitalism-" "Just grab the food and run."
“I think it’s a salient commentary on capitalism-” “Just grab the food and run.”

Tabletop reveals its game list for Season 4.

Popular Geek & Sundry webseries Tabletop and its host Wil Wheaton have been delighting YouTube audiences for the last four years, and for the newest season set to debut in June 2016. The series features a rotating cast of celebrity guest stars, with notable alumni including at least one Superman, a Powerpuff Girl, and a member of the Borg.




Here is the list of games decided upon for season four, some of which are significantly longer and more involved than the standard Tabletop fare:

  • Lanterns
  • Fury of Dracula
  • Mysterium
  • Code Names (with six players for maximum funtimes)
  • FATE Core RPG
  • Dragon Farkle
  • Flashpoint
  • Harbour
  • Eldritch Horror
  • Star Realms
  • Monarch
  • Star Trek – 5 Year Mission
  • Champions of Midgard
  • Steam Park
  • Tiny Epic Galaxies
  • Welcome To The Dungeon
  • Misspent Youth RPG

The Last Hope – the final expansion for Legends of Andor.

Andor is enslaved. Our heroes must free it from the invading undead. The game features the new southern region, new legends, and completes the trilogy of Andor games. The game has a short teaser trailer, which you can view below.



A co-operative adventure board game for 2 to 4 players, Legends of Andor pits its players against invading hordes from other realms in a game of epic fantasy and glory.

Quick Kickstarters

See into the darkness with The Depths of Durangar, a dungeon crawl designed to be played with the lights off.


Time to sneak up behind someone. And in the game.
Time to sneak up behind someone. And in the game.


The monster player plays with night vision goggles, while the players have to make do with the tiny colored LEDs of their characters. If that’s not a great pitch, I don’t know what is.

Vivarium is a game about the fragility and beauty of nature. Claim territory, adapt your species, and avoid nature’s wrath as you fight to be the fittest species in the most Darwinistic sense.


Bears are adorable. Angry, but adorable.
Bears are adorable. Angry, but adorable.


Rome is always a rich thematic vein from which games like to mine, and Ave is set in the Senate, where you and up to 3 friends compete for the Emperor’s favor. Subtitled A Game of Deceit and Glory, the art is gorgeous, the potential for intrigue high, and the bidding secret.


It's all fun and games until someone loses an Ide.
It’s all fun and games until someone loses an Ide.


On the side of themes not used often enough, Chicago mobsters vie for territory in Bucks, Bullets, and Flowers. 3D building models, gorgeous art direction, and all in that 20’s art style.



Players play as either a gang boss or the police chief in the Prohibition era, trying to outmaneuver the other gangs or end corruption in the city.

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