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Board Game News Brief: April 25th, 2018

Posted Thursday, 26-Apr-2018

Fury of Dracula back to life; announcing Red Raven’s newest; and the Arkham Horror card game’s new terrors in this week’s news brief.


Staked in the heart by Calvin Wong


Fury of Dracula picked up for Wizkids reprint

The classic hidden movement title of vampire and vampire hunters is back. After a turbulent history with multiple long stretches of being severely out of print, Wizkids is bringing back the game in Fourth Edition, with a new rulebook, larger cards, and new fully painted miniatures of Dracula, Mina Harker, Van Helsing, etc.



“Follow the trail, overcome the traps left by the devious vampire, and slowly gather your strength and equipment so you finally challenge him in combat and prove that you have what it takes to withstand the Fury of Dracula.”

Ryan Laukat announces video-game themed Megaland

Red Raven Games are famed for producing whimsically illustrated strategy games with depth and charm – and now they’re entering the family game sphere with Megaland.

From the official release:

Collect as much treasure as you can, but watch out for monsters! The further you go in the level, the more treasure you’ll get, but if you take too much damage, you’ll end up going home with nothing. Spend your treasure to buy Bowling Alleys, Arcades, and more! You can also use treasure to buy more hearts for your character, letting you go deeper into the level on your next run. You win by earning the most coins!

Red Raven also teased another big release this year – we’ll be on the lookout for that! Their most recent titles, Near and Far and Empires of the Void II both released to massive critical acclaim and we can’t wait to see what they pull out next.


Return to the Night of the Zealot – a core set upgrade for Arkham Horror LCG

“There are black zones of shadow close to our daily paths, and now and then some evil soul breaks a passage through. When this happens the man who knows must strike before reckoning the consequences.”

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new upgrade kit for the Night of the Zealot campaign found in the core set of the Arkham Horror Card Game. New versions of old foes, new cards for characters and encounters, and comes in a box to hold your entire Night of the Zealot campaign at once with included dividers!

More than that, the exciting thing here is that FFG are now producing upgrades to their core sets rather than expansions that lead away from them. Could we see more of these for their other LCGs like Game of Thrones and Netrunner? FFGPLZ.



This week’s Quick Kickstarters are The City of Kings: Ancient Allies and Vadoran Gardens, The Pirate’s Flag, and MegaMetroCity

A reprint of the huge kickstarter hit and adding four new expansion packs, The City of Kings is a fully cooperative fantasy adventure board game. New heroes, new side quests, and new miniatures await in this new campaign.


The Pirate’s Flag is a family-friendly board game of, yes, capturing the flag. Race your pirate ships down the course and plunder the flag from the other players as you attempt to make it out to sea!


MegaMetroCity is a classic arcade beat-em-up with tons of minis, maps, and characters to beat down. Rile up roller girls and punch through punks in this retro metro of arcade glory.

Game of the Moment

De Stijl

Experience the simple and elegant spirit of the De Stijl movement.

With each passing turn, you will add the strokes of your brush to the painting by choosing a card and laying it to overlap a small portion of the piece. As you add cards to the painting, you will masterfully guide its mood. Strategically add, split, and cover cells of color to ensure that yours is the most prominent.

Buy de stijl to make your mark and master ‘the style’ as you craft your masterpiece!


Community Centerpiece

Notable media lady Tiffany Caires last night did a thread about why board games cost as much as they do. It’s worth a read into how come board games get to be the price they are.

And thank you for reading the News Brief! Be sure to check out all our New & Trending board game releases including Plaid Hat’s gorgeous tactical card game Crystal Clans, new expansion Vast: The Fearsome Foes, and pyramidal spin-off Clank! The Mummy’s Curse

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