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Board Game News Brief – April 21, 2017

Posted Friday, 21-Apr-2017


Prepared by Calvin Wong

Brass reprint launches on Kickstarter; looks amazing

The Brass reprint has been teased for some time now, but it’s finally here! A new edition of the classic game of industry AND a sequel AND with an incredibly shiny new look!



The Brass KS campaign is one one off the most well-put together I’ve ever seen, with publisher Roxley showing off the gameplay with some extremely slick gifs and great graphic design.



Lancashire is an update of the original game with some rules tweaks for 2-3 players, while Birmingham is the full fledged sequel, with dynamic board setup, new industries, actions, and scoring schemes. Be sure to check out Brass to see why it’s made such a splash in the board gaming world.

Mayfair Games announces new edition of Iron Dragon

First published in 1994, the fantasy steampunk Iron Dragon was a part of the Empire Builder series of a genre called ‘crayon rail.’


Welcome back to Darwinia.
Welcome back to Darwinia.


In Crayon Rail games, “players use erasable crayons to create trade networks and then draw demand cards, instructing them as to what goods the cities need, making deliveries, and (hopefully) winning the game by being the first player to reach a predetermined amount of money”


Concept art.
Concept art.



Iron Dragon is a beloved classic that, 2 decades later, is finally seeing a reprint; with Mayfair games of Agricola fame at the helm, things should be alright.

Announcing Ticket to Ride: Germany!

This new standalone title in the Ticket To Ride series is a great jumping on point for new fans.


All aboard, ja!
All aboard, ja!



The game features a new map of turn-of-the-century Germany, with plenty of short, double-linked routes in the southwest and the north and east featuring lots of long, 5, 6, or even 7-train routes.


Willkommen in Deutschland!
Willkommen in Deutschland!


Germany also has Passengers that you can pick up from various cities, adding a set collection element as you try to score the majority in the six colors of passenger. Germany joins Nordic, Europe, and the US in the game series with its own boxes.

Quick Kickstarters


Family-friendly pirate fun abounds in the absolutely gorgeous Dead Man’s Doubloons. Pillaging, looting, and ghost ships! Ghost ships!


Piracy never looked quite this good, did it?
Piracy never looked quite this good, did it?


A simple, quick game with gorgeous art and components, Dead Man’s Doubloons is worth a look.


Co-operative scavenging, sneaking, and murdering in the gritty looking Maximum Apocalypse


Apocalyptica Maxima, in latin.
Apocalyptica Maxima, in latin.


This card game of exploration, co-operation, and survival looks like a great time, with its varying setup, character classes, and its post-apocalyptic art style. Go check out Maximum Apocalypse.


The whimsical and surprisingly intense two player card game Morels has an expansion now on Kickstarter! Morels: Foray ups the player count to 4, increases the variety of mushrooms, adds event cards, and you can even get hand-carved sticks and cookpans in the deluxe version.


A morellious foray indeed!
A morellious foray indeed!


With its unique theme of picking and cooking mushrooms, Morels is one of the best two player card games. You should definitely check out Foray for an opportunity to pick up the original and a copy of the designer’s other game: Agility! A game about adopting, training, and entering dogs into competition.

Community Centerpiece: Man Vs Meeple

Jeremy Salinas AKA Drakkenstrike has been making incredibly well produced board game videos for many years, but recently he rebooted his channel as Man Vs Meeple, a board game review, interview, and preview show.



Featuring new hosts, great commentary and some of the most impressive production values in the business, Man Vs Meeple deserves to be on your subscription list. Here’s their video of the latest smash time travel eurogame, Anachrony.



And that’s it for this week’s News Brief! Thank you for reading, and you can check out this week’s Top Category; Dungeon Crawl Games! From Descent: Journeys in the Dark to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Shadows of the Past – find some of the all time great dungeon crawl games.

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