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Board Game News Brief: April 18th, 2018

Posted Thursday, 19-Apr-2018

Fear of the dark, mobsters & werewolves, steampunk genius, and aliens in space – all this and more on this week’s News Brief.


Stumbled upon in the darkness by Calvin Wong

A board game for the blind; announcing Nyctophobia

Nyctohphobia is a game of hunt or be hunted where the prey players are wearing blackout glasses – fumbling their way through a forest through sound and touch while the hunter player could be just inches away…

Designer Catherine Stippell wanted to make a board game she could play with her blind uncle, and Nyctophobia is the result. (Story told by Eric Lang in the Twitter thread above.)

Published by Pandasaurus Games (whose previous hits include the Mad Max-ian pick up and deliver game Wasteland Express Delivery Service and Jurassic Park simulator Dinosaur Island), Nyctophobia will be available this August.


Mobster betrayal game Nothing Personal gets Revised Edition

Introducing a new Revised Edition of Nothing Personal! New features include Location cards, new gangsters, and combined expansions!

Nothing Personal, kid – it’s just business.

With the Capo getting old and about to retire, it’s time to make your move. Put your muscle into play and come out from behind the scenes – who will rise to the top, and who will sink to the bottom (of the ocean?) The mob game of mob justice designed by The Dice Tower’s Tom Vasel is getting a new edition 5 years after release, with the game now on Kickstarter. However not all of the expansions are there yet, but you can check them out here.


Quick Kickstarters

This week we have party social deduction game Growl, a card game based on the hit webcomic Girl Genius, and sci-fi survival horror Lifeform.

Growl is a cute little party game that plays real fast – players pass bites to their left and right hoping to turn as many humans as they can into werewolves – at the end, all wolves must GROWL to reveal their identity and find out if their pack can overwhelm the humans!

Girl Genius: The Works is a game of trying to operate a giant machine based on the webcomic of intrigue, romance, and mad science. Featuring team-based and head-to-head play, the game comes with four different decks featuring four different arcs in the storyline.


From the award-winning team behind Gloom of Kilforth: A Fantasy Quest Game and 1066, Tears to Many Mothers comes Lifeform – No marines. No power armor. Just terror. Sounds terrifying.


Community Centerpiece

Danny’s into board games. Derek’s into board games! Together they’re Danny and Derek do Board Games – oh man now the word board games no longer has any meaning.

Their YouTube channel is exuberant (and just shy of 400 subscribers!) Here they are talking about 2 player Dinosaur Island spinoff, Duelosaur Island.


Exclusive report on massive Tabletop Fraud

In case you missed our big story last week, there’s been a huge case of fraud going on in Malaysia and Singapore in the board game scene there.

Tens of thousands of dollars worth of games and products have been stolen – read our updating report here.

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