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Board Game News Brief – April 12, 2017

Posted Thursday, 13-Apr-2017

Co-operative expansions for Runebound, more Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective cases, and a new game from the designer of …and then, we held hands. It’s the Board Game News Brief!


Prepared by Calvin Wong

Runebound gets co-operative/solo expansion

Rejoice, co-op and solo fans. This is Unbreakable Bonds, an expansion to your game of epic fantasy adventure.


The bonds of friendship are stronger than steel!
The bonds of friendship are stronger than steel!


Form into parties to move together on the board and go up against difficult challenges that would otherwise be impossible. The new expansion also has plenty for those who prefer competitive play as the new heroes, skill cards, assets, and twist cards can be added into any of your sets of Runebound.

But wait, there's more!
But wait, there’s more!


The box also has conversions for the core set and Caught in A Web scenarios so that they too can be played as solo or co-op play. Very welcome move from the publishers for those who prefer their adventures with friends instead of against them.

Sherlock Holmes: The Thames Murders & Other Cases

Ten new cases for your game of co-operative deduction and crime solving.


All in a shiny new edition.
All in a shiny new edition.


The Thames Murders is a re-issue of the Ystari version of the game with those ten cases updated and revised – From the curious case of The Munitions Magnate, to The Pilfered Paintings, to The Mummy’s Curse – there’s plenty of content here for new and returning players alike.


Consulting Detective is a game where you must use your wits and deductive reasoning to solve cases as a group, using a casebook, newpapers, and other resources. Choose where to go, who to question, and when – and find out whether or not your got the right answers. If you’re a fan of Sherlock and mysteries you should definitely check it out 

Petrichor – A game about being the rain.

Petrichor; noun: the pleasant smell that frequently accompanies the first rain after a long period of warm, dry weather.



From the designer of such games as …and then, we held hands and Days of Ire: Budapest 1956 comes a game where you play as rainclouds trying to water fields and cause them to grow.


Petrichor features a card driven movement and action system, but winds can blow you off course and merging with other clouds can cause you to become a thunderstorm – but not quite where you need to be. Petrichor is on Kickstarter now.

Speaking of Kickstarter…

Quick Kickstarters

Mothership is a spacefaring board game of combat and technology, exploration and resource gathering. But also, lots of combat.


One mean mothership.
One mean mothership.


Fly your fleets around the sector, colonize planets, research new tech, and get into scraps with your opponents. Prepare to meet your mothership.



Peak Oil is a game about crisis, profit, and incredible style.


Super slick.
Super slick.


You are an oil company as the last of the world’s reserves are drying up, trying desperately to make the transition to renewable energy in a fair and environmentally friendly way – pity your competition isn’t.



Go from nothing to a lord of the Five Realms in Rise to Nobility, a worker and dice placement game from the creators of Cavern Tavern.



The Five Realms.
The Five Realms.


Hire settlers to work for you, play politics with the Queen and her Stone Council, or simply become a merchant and sell off your goods; Rise to Nobility has a quirky, unique art style and looks to be a solid european style game.

Community Centerpiece

On this week’s community centerpiece, I’m showcasing JonGetsGames, a YouTube channel where a lovely, energetic man named Jon does board game playthroughs and reviews.

So far so normal; but what I really appreciate about Jon, apart from his positive outlook and clear enthusiasm are the timecoded segments of his videos where you can skip to any section of the video you want to see straightaway, as well as buttons to skip forward to the next section. More YouTubers should do this!


He also has one of the most clever logos in the biz.
He also has one of the most clever logos in the biz.


In accordance with it being Terraforming Mars week on BoardGamePrices, here is Jon’s review of the game where you can check out his style and see just how amazing his formatting really is.

Thanks for reading the News Brief! Check out this week’s category: Top space-themed board games! Those who love the cosmos and the thought of exploring distant worlds (okay, and maybe some rayguns too!) should definitely go have a look.

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