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Board Game News Brief: 9th May, 2018

Posted Friday, 11-May-2018

ECLIPSE SECOND EDITION, Portal’s new alternate reality game, and 5 Minute Dungeon goes deeper in this week’s News Brief


Put into orbit by Calvin Wong


Eclipse Second Edition coming later this year


A second dawn for the galaxy indeed. Eclipse is one of gaming’s most beloved titles – a science fiction epic that’s also a eurogame – bringing that style of gameplay to a group of gamers who usually don’t get to luxuriate in the theme. Critically acclaimed and incredibly popular, the game of space empire is now receiving its second edition from publishers Lautapelit and Kolossal Games.


The second edition will have:

new miniatures and faster and more balanced gameplay with polished rules

Alongside new art, and other as yet unannounced things. We’ll have all the details on second edition as it comes!


Detective: A Modern Crime Board Game available for pre-order

Designed by Robinson Crusoe’s Ignacy Trzewiczek, Detective is a game of old-school skills and advanced technology as players must gather information, deduce clues, and follow leads in order to solve multiple cases that weave together into a campaign – but the most important aspect of the game is your mind, as clues must often be solved through the use of Wikipedia and your wits rather than in-game mechanics.

Detective will feature 5 cases with more available to be downloaded online. Ease the wait with the use of this trailer, or check out other deduction board games like Sherlock Holmes: Consulting Detective.


This week we have monster goods delivery game Tricky Tides, co-operative cop blockbuster Brook City, and whimsical asymmetrical two player The Neverland Rescue

Tricky Tides is a pick-up-and-deliver game that uniquely employs trick taking to determine turn order and the direction players can move their ships. This nautical-themed fusion of game mechanics is sure to bring something new to your game table.


Players take on the role of heroic cops inspired by classic action movies and are tasked with protecting the city – find leads, fight bad guys, and take down the mob in Brook City


Neverland is in peril as Captain Hook has kidnapped many of its inhabitants! It is up to Peter Pan (with the help of Tink and the Darling children of course!) to find and rescue their friends. Who will win in this battle for control of the land where you never grow up?

Game of the Moment

Roll Player

Behind every hero… is an excellent character sheet. It’s time to Roll Player!

Roll Player is a game about everyone’s favorite role-playing game moment: Character creation. Forge your dwarven diplomat or elf ranger, buff their skills and equip them with the best gear you can lay your hands on. Alignment, skills, traits, stats – these you must manage and more, as players compete to kit out the finest fantasy adventurer in the lands.

Buy Roll Player for a unique twist on the fantasy role playing setting, especially if you love customizing your characters in tabletop or computer role playing games.

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