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Board Game News Brief: 7th February 2018

Posted Friday, 9-Feb-2018

The sequel to Century: Spice Road, Vital Lacerda’s CO2 gets a beautiful second edition, and Eldritch Horror receives campaign mode.

Assembled by Calvin Wong


Announcing Century: Eastern Wonders

Last year’s Century: Spice Road was a huge hit with gamers who resonated with its beautiful art and easy-to-pick up gameplay. Now the game of card collection and deck building gains pick up and deliver elements as well as a shift to the Far East.



Worked on by the same designer as the original game but illustrated by Chris Quilliams,  (Azul, Archipelago, a bunch of Pandemics) Eastern Wonders will release sometime in June, but you can pre-order your copy now.

CO2 goes co-op with Second Chance

The game of saving the planet from global warming gets a shiny new edition in Second Chance, a brand new edition of the game that’s now on Kickstarter.



Containing streamlined rules, a LOT of cool new components (including 3D power plants) and a shiny new purely co-operative mode, Second Chance is a great way for you to get in on this game of energy, brinksmanship, and climate change.




I mean look at it! Second Chance is on Kickstarter now.

Eldritch Horror receives campaign expansion

Masks of Nyarlathotep brings new life to the game of global eldritch investigation with its new campaign mode. Play a series of games against different Ancient Ones, with decisions from previous games carrying into the next one.




The game also gives the investigators more longevity in order to survive six go-arounds against the cosmic horrors, and Personal Stories for every single one of the dozens of investigators from the game’s many (many) expansions.

Masks of Nyarlathotep is available for pre-order right now.

Quick Kickstarters

First up is Pulp Detective, a solo dice game from Todd Sanders of IUNU and They Who Were 8 fame.

Follow clues, get past cliffhangers, and make it to the end of the story to confront the criminal in a final showdown in Pulp Detective.

A card game of strategy and influence gathering, Arkon looks gorgeous.

Featuring cards that can be played in multiple ways and a slim $20 price point, Arkon looks gorgeous and is a fast-paced card game where timing matters.

Finally we have Show & Tile, an all ages party game from the designer of Seikatsu.

Using tangram shapes, players must ‘draw’ the word on their card. Is it a crab? A pineapple? A candlestick? Show & Tile is gorgeous, easy, and plays in 30 minutes.

And that’s it for this week’s News Brief! Don’t forget to check out what’s New & Upcoming this February including such exciting titles as The Legend of Korra, Legacy of Dragonholt, and Stuffed Fables!


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