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Board Game News Brief: 5th October 2017

Posted Thursday, 5-Oct-2017

Fallout’s Wasteland Warfare Core Set revealed; a co-op King of Tokyo; War of the Ring back in stock. This and more on this week’s News Brief!

Prepared by Calvin Wong


Fallout: Wasteland Warfare Core Set

War never changes – but it does come to your table in this two player core set of the Wasteland Warfare miniatures game.



Unlike Fantasy Flight Game’s Fallout coming in November, Wasteland Warfare goes straight for the kneecaps (or eyes, if you’ve got the aim). With competitive, co-operative, and narrative campaign modes to play, Wasteland Warfare looks like a cool system to dive into.



The contents of the starter set are shown above, with expansion packs for the wasteland’s various factions available for those who want to expand their set with more miniatures and characters to inhabit. The game will release in the Spring.



Co-operative King of Tokyo in the works; more details November.


Designer Richard Garfield revealed that a co-operative version of the dice-chucking monster fighter has been developed!



Giving the scoop to Geeks under Grace, Garfield also talked a little about his experiences with his other IPs like Netrunner and thoughts about his new game, Bunny Kingdom. Iello plans to release more details about the new King of Tokyo game at the end of October, so tentacles crossed!



War of the Ring reprint arrives with all expansions

A shadow once more falls over Middle-Earth, and the free peoples must stand against the forces of Sauron once more.


"There is only one Lord of the Ring, only one who can bend it to his will. And he does not share power."


Ares Games has announced the arrival of the long (LONG!) awaited reprint of the second edition of War of the Ring and its expansions, Lords of Middle-Earth and Warriors of Middle-Earth.

For those unfamiliar, War of the Ring is an epic 2 player game playing out the entire storyline of The Lord of the Rings after the hobbits set out from Rivendell. The prequel, Hunt for the Ring, ditches the epic warfare and opts for a hidden movement game of the hobbits traveling with the ring from the Shire to Rivendell – That game is out at Essen next month.


Quick Kickstarters

First up we have STEM: Epic Heroes which is a game about being cool scientists and doing awesome science.



Perform experiments, create inventions, and play as history’s most famous scientists, from Alice Ball to Alan Turing. The art style is amazing and game promises to play quickly – go check it out!



Sunset over Water needs no further introduction than the name, the art style, and ‘From the team that brought you Herbaceous.’



Simple, gorgeous set collection. Go check out Sunset over Water.



On the far side of the theme spectrum is Warpgate, a game of hand management, area control, and yes, spaceships.



Research, explore, fight, and outmatch! Warpgate looks slick and simple and lots of fun.



Essen Releases



With Essen barely three weeks away, we’ve prepared a list of games that we think it’s worth keeping your eye on. From building a village to terraforming a planet – from idyll Scottish farming to quests for bloody revenge – there’s a game here for everyone.

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