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Board Game News Brief: 5th July 2017

Posted Tuesday, 4-Jul-2017

TWO new Game of Thrones games, a peek at First Martians, the sequel to Robinson Crusoe, and win a free copy of Clank! All this and more, in this week’s Board Game News Brief.


Prepared by Calvin Wong

A Game of Thrones: Catan

From original designer Klaus Teubek comes an updated Catan. Published by Fantasy Flight Games (A Game of Thrones: The Board Game), this new Catan boasts a wall full of features.



Adding hero cards from Starship Catan and the knights from Cities & Knights, Game of Thrones Catan is filled with great components and eye-catching art.



We’ll know more soon as the game is set to be demo’ed at Gen Con.

A Song of Ice & Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game

War has come to Westeros. From designers Eric Lang (Blood Rage, A Game of Thrones Card Game) and Michael Shinall (Xenoshyft, Rum & Bones) comes a tabletop miniatures game based on the incredibly popular fantasy novels.



Launching on Kickstarter next week, A Song of Ice and Fire is a two player miniatures combat game that foregoes the political intrigue the series is known for. Rather than webs of betrayal, players are ensnared in the storms of combat.



Charlie Hall writes for Polygon:

As in traditional Napoleonic or U.S. Civil War miniatures, figures will be brought to the table in formations mounted in trays. They’ll march into battle as a single unit, and as they take damage individual miniatures will be removed from those trays and the stats for the formation as a whole will change. Individual hero units can also be fielded as singles.

First Martians rulebook, app now online.

Ahead of its demo at Dice Tower Con this week, hotly anticipated Robinson Crusoe sequel First Martians has now got its rulebook posted and the app has gone up. Have a peek:



The app, which is central to the game, actors as a sort of game master, telling you how to set up, which events are happening, randomizing disasters, and remembering which decisions you made for use in the game’s campaign mode.



Publisher Portal Games (Imperial Settlers, 51st State) have stated that the app will update in future to bring new missions, special events (happy Neil Armstrong day!) and of course tune the difficulty or patch any balancing issues that occur.

The app is available now on iOS and Android, with a Steam release on the way.


Quick Kickstarters

The Stonebound Saga. Woof.





A card game of combat and deck construction, Stonebound has 35 unique characters to choose from, hundreds of abilities and powers, and a really slick modern fantasy art style. Go check it out.


A Place in the Sun is a game of space domination playable in both co-operative and competitive modes.



Featuring asymmetric factions from exotic locales like ‘Earth’, the game plays in 15-20 minutes per player and uses unique decks for each faction to drive the gameplay. A Place in the Sun is worth your attention.

“Would you sacrifice yourself to save your child, or would you sacrifice your child to help the rest of your family move to safety?” Ducklings is a game about parenting, empathy, and loss.



Move your baby ducklings to their new home, but many dangers await your travels. Can you both make it to the other side?

Community Centerpiece

They’re Jack, George, Hana, and Brandon. They make comedy sketch videos about board games that also serve as introductions and overviews for the games themselves.



Inside the Box has amazing production values, some great writing, and two dozen videos for you to watch, including Pandemic Legacy, Game of Thrones, and Voyages of Marco Polo.

And that’s it for the Game of Thrones edition of the News Brief! Be sure to enter our giveaway of Clank!, the deck building game of stealthily robbing a dragon.

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