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Board Game News Brief 4/08/2015

Posted Wednesday, 8-Apr-2015


International TableTop Day Is Here!

This Saturday is International TableTop Day, the best day of the year to find new gamers or get over-enthusiastic with old friends. Founded three years ago by the Geek and Sundry YouTube channel, it’s a day when thousands of gamers across the world meet up in person or online to celebrate the joy of board games. Last year it featured over 3000 events, so there’s likely to be one near you – just check out their site for information on how to find a local event.


International Tabletop Day
International Tabletop Day


Doomtown Faces Faith and Fear

This week sees the release of Faith and Fear, the first of the larger ‘Pine Box’ expansions for AEG’s weird west card game Doomtown Reloaded.  New cards for all four factions include the addition of new starting cards and blessed characters able to perform miracles. It’s the first chance for AEG to prove they can really up their game on what’s already an exciting and popular game.


Doomtown Reloaded Faith and Fear
Doomtown Reloaded Faith and Fear


Battle for the Seas with Steam Torpedo

Do you like strange gadgets, submarines, or games that let you both build and fight?  Then IELLO Games’ recently released Steam Torpedo may be the game for you.  In a setting where World War I has gone on for a decade, you get to design and command a new generation of combat submarines in battle against your friends.


Steam Torpedo Board Game
Steam Torpedo


Star Wars Armada Already Expanding

A week after releasing Star Wars Armada, Fantasy Flight have already announced the second wave of expansions for the game of detailed miniatures and epic space battles.  Players can now pilot an Imperial-class Star Destroyer, Admiral Ackbar’s flagship, and the iconic Millenium Falcon.  Fantasy Flight’s over-confidence probably isn’t their weakness, as this game looks set to be a huge hit.

Quick Kickstarters

David Gerrard’s JunKing promises a simple, fun strategy game about imps scavenging for junk to enhance their social standing.

Norsaga from Meromorph Games sees Vikings try to tell the best story about their ancestors while undermining the accounts of others – a sort of storytelling battle game.

Valeria: Card Kingdoms by Daily Magic Productions combines card and dice mechanics in a fast-paced game of kingdom building and monster slaying.

For fans of Harry Potter and other stories of magical schools, Wizard’s Academy by 3DTotalGames is a cooperative game in which players try to save their magical academy.

Touchy Feely by Kory Jordan looks set to provide something unusual and potentially hilarious, as players competing by touching things in the dark.

Royals Is An Essential Game

The latest game from Peter Hawes, designer of Francis Drake and Triassic Terror, is set to join Arcane Wonders’ prestigious Dice Tower Essentials range.  Royals is a game of nobles vying for dominance in conflict-torn seventeenth century Europe.  Given the designer and its additions to Dice Tower Essentials, this looks to be an interesting strategy game release.


Royals Board Game
Royals Board Game


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