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Board Game News Brief: 4/01/2015

Posted Wednesday, 1-Apr-2015


Your premier ‘News Brief’ article

This marks the first release of a new weekly article titled “Board Game News Brief”.  These articles will feature select snippets of board game news, along with various Kickstarter updates and new game releases.

Star Wars Armada Flies In



Star Wars Armada
Star Wars Armada

The long awaited Star Wars Armada game from Fantasy Flight has arrived.  Control fleets for the Empire or the Rebel Alliance in one of the most hotly anticipated games of the year.  First reports indicate that this will be an enjoyably epic if slower alternative to the space fighter action of X-wing.  Between the lovingly crafted spaceships and the hype around the new films, it’s bound to be a hit.

Compare prices for Star Wars Armada here.


Tigris and Euphrates Come Closer




Tigris and Euphrates
Tigris and Euphrates

Not content with tying in to one of the most popular franchises ever, Fantasy Flight are building hype for their up-coming re-release of Tigris and Euphrates. They’re keen to make potential players excited about this Riener Knizia classic, with an article explaining the theme and mechanics of the game. If they didn’t have your attention at ‘Riener Knizia classic’ then that article will probably get you.


Quick Kickstarters


Kickstarter Board Games
Small Box Games have launched a kickstarter for Soulfall, a game of simple mechanics and rich theme in which nomads seek a home in a beautifully illustrated fantasy world.

From Ian Price comes Bad Decisions, a storytelling game about amusingly awful life choices.

If that’s not enough story telling for you, Cthulhu Project are Kickstarting Who Is Lovecraft? in which players compete to prove they have the famed horror author’s ability to create terror and tension.

And if you want more action, Posthuman by Mr. B. Games provides custom dice-rolling action as you race for survival in a post-apocalyptic world.


Days of Wonder to End Slavery in Five Tribes



Five Tribes' Fakir Card
Five Tribes’ Fakir Card

Following fan furor over the inclusion of slaves in Five Tribes, Days of Wonder have announced that this element will be replaced by Fakirs in future editions and an expansion pack. It’s been interesting to see Days of Wonder grapple with this decision, explaining the inclusion of slaves while changing their game for the comfort of fans. Whether you think that a board game like Five Tribes should acknowledge or avoid this painful part of history, Days of Wonder’s willingness to publicly discuss a difficult decision has been admirable.


Magical Mice and Feathered Fights with Tail Feathers



Plaid Hat Games
Plaid Hat Games

Plaid Hat Games has announced the expansion of the Mice and Mystics universe with Tail Feathers, a game of aerial combat. Mice and rats ride birds into battle in a game that combines cute novelty with high fantasy. For fans of the comic Mouse Guard or those who loved the Redwall books, this promises to bring such fantasies to even more vivid and unexpected life.

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