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Board Game News Brief: 31st January, 2017

Posted Wednesday, 31-Jan-2018

Ice Cool 2, a new Jurassic Park game, and Clank! The Mummy’s Curse – all this and more in this week’s board game news brief!

Briefed up by Calvin Wong

Announcing 1 vs Many Board Game Jurassic Park: Danger!




Coming from Ravensburger, publishers of the modern classic Castles of Burgundy, JP: Danger! puts one player in control of the dinosaurs trying to hunt down the park’s visitors – who in turn are trying to escape the island.

Fitting 2 to 5 players, for ages 10 and up and a slim playtime of under an hour, Danger! looks like the perfect family game for the dino-lovers in the household. Release date is later this year.

Ice Cool 2 slides its way into our hearts

The sequel to 2016’s smash hit dexterity game, Ice Cool 2 brings us more misbehaving high school penguins!


Able to be played as an expansion or a standalone title, 2 brings additional boards, more modes of play (including team race mode, tournament scoring, and more!) and a large variety of layouts that you can create.

Thanks WEM! (he’s the best) We’re hoping for an Essen release.

Clank! The Mummy’s Curse

We’re being hit with all the announcements as the deckbuilding game of snatch and grab slides under the sands with this expansion.

40 new cards, new challenges, a new setting and boss, and new maps! Fans of Clank who weren’t swayed by the undersea or outer space expansions now have a new setting to consider!

The Mummy’s Curse is releasing Soon™.

Quick Kickstarters

First up to bat is Warp Gate.



A “fast-paced 1-6 player board game of hand management and area control”that plays in as little as 40 minutes, Warp Gate checks all the scifi boxes and then some with its slick art style, plastic minis, 14 playable races, and loads and loads of replayability.


Check them out!

The Tokyo Series is back on Kickstarter!


Featuring Jidohanbaiki (a game about vending machines) Metro (a game about subways) and Jutaku (a game about architecture) – but the games each feature multiple rulesets and can be combined in modular ways, providing excellent replay value.

Hit it up!

Last (but biggest) we have Planet Apocalypse.


From the designer of Cthulhu Wars comes a game of demonic invasion (Sandy Petersen worked on the original DOOM video game) with a Victorian-esque aesthetic – though with no shortage of guns and plenty of plastic minis.. Check out the KS page for more!

Community Centerpiece

Wanna watch Shut Up & Sit Down play D&D? Yeah? Yeah?


Thanks for reading the News Brief! While you’re here, Game Informer made a list of ‘The most innovative, artistically rich, and elegantly designed games that rolled out to players in 2017’ and you can find those games here.

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