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Board Game News Brief: 28th February, 2018

Posted Thursday, 1-Mar-2018

Rocky Mountains, Amber Mines, and Fireball Islands; oh my! See what’s going on with board games in this week’s News Brief!


Rescued from the Lava by Calvin Wong


Whistle Stop Rocky Mountains Expansion

“The Rocky Mountains have always inspired with their majestic heights and seemingly insurmountable peaks.” begins the official description of Rocky Mountains, which literally expands the game with a 3D mountain range and a bunch of new tiles.


Additional challenge and reward await all trains who can make it across! It’s good to see last year’s Whistle Stop  make enough of a splash to warrant an expansion.


Near & Far Amber Mines Digs Away

The first images of components from the expansion to one of our favorite games Near & Far have come in.



Along with new items and balance changes, the expansion introduces a co-op mode (2nd image) and spellcasting (3rd image) as new avenues of play. We can’t wait to get our hands dirty going down the Amber Mines.


Fireball Island erupts April 3rd

On Kickstarter! Next month! Eruptions! Fireballs! Lava!


Restoration Game’s Fireball Island: The Curse of Vul’Kar is a three-dimensional marble rolling game based on the classic board game of old. Size comparison:



The box has been described as Twilight Imperium 4 sized, which is… hefty indeed! Look for more information as the game’s kickstarter launches next month.

Speaking of Kicsktarters…


Quick Kickstarters

Pocket Sub is a game of tactics and movement in a tiny box! Wooden submarines! Mines! Carriers! From the creators of Dice Hospital!

Mighty Boards knows how to do a Kickstarter! Nights of Fire: A sequel to Days of Ire looks incredibly slick.

A tale of the Hungarian revolution against Soviet Russia in 1956, the game has co-op, 1 vs many, and an expansion for both games that adds components to both.



Edge of Darkness from AEG is a big box card crafting and worker placement game that comes with a ton of miniatures, a whole bunch of content, and plenty of gorgeous art. Check it out!


Community Centerpiece


Nerfenstein, as you can see, is a geek galore! She does lots of things, but one of them is board games. Here’s one of her YouTube videos.

You can also follow her on Twitter or either of her two instagram accounts, Girlygamer for gaming stuff and Nerfenstein for Nerf-related exploits.

The 2017 Golden Geek Award Nominees are in! Here’s a giant list of the nominated games in more categories than you can shake a stick at, or you can bask in the over one hundred titles in our Category of the Week.

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