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Board Game News Brief 21st February 2018

Posted Thursday, 22-Feb-2018

Tons of new announcements from the NY Toy Fair: Star Trek expansions! Aliens board game! Axis & Allies & Zombies! Find out more in the news brief.

Stuck together from parts by Calvin Wong

Axis & Allies & Zombies

Classic wargame A&A gets… well… 



Following on the raft of classic novels given a zombie retheme (Pride & Prejudice & Zombies, etc) Axis and Allies adds the shambling hordes to the game of global conflict.

Retaining the 2-5 player count and the 1-3 hour play time, A&A&Z still pits the Axis and Allies against one another, but with the undead in the middle. You’ll know more once we know more.


Star Trek: Ascendancy gets Vulcan & Andorian expansion

May your empire live long and prosper with these two expansions for the Star Trek game of galactic expansion.

Like the Cardassian and Ferengi expansions before them, these are empire packs, featuring new races, new ship models, new technologies, and a whole new style of play and way to achieve ascendancy.

GAME OVER MAN! Aliens co-op bug hunt board game

ALIENS! Gale Force Nine’s other big announcement was too big to ignore – a minis-strewn affair where the marines square off against the xenomorphs.

Borrowing from the 2nd film in the classic science fiction horror franchise, Aliens ratcheted up the intensity in a high-tech bug hunt against the alien menace.  Who knows, the game may even keep the Vietnam War commentary in some form through its campaign.


Quick Kickstarters

Aeon’s End: Legacy is the third game in Kevin Riley’s co-operative card game series about mages battling to protect humanity’s last stronghold. Legacy is a standalone game that adds campaign play to the series, where players can customize their characters as the game progresses and unlocking new cards. The KS campaign also lets you pick up copies of the older games and expansions, so check them out!



Go on a heroic journey with Argonauts second edition! the game of epic adventure features heroes, mythological monsters, and a grand journey throughout Greece and beyond. The campaign also lets owners of First Edition buy an upgrade pack to update themselves to the new edition.



A semi co-operative eurogame set in the forests of Sherwood, Robin Hood & The Merry Men features loads of gorgeous visuals, plenty of great components, and a strong sense of theme running through the mechanics. I mean look at it!

Community Centerpiece

Lindsay Miller is the host of Shiny Happy Meeples, a YouTube channel and blog about board games! Lindsay is great.

Here she is talking about Martin Wallace’s newest game, A Handful of Stars.

You can find her channel here.

Thank you for reading the news brief! Have you checked out the Dice Tower’s Best Board Games of All Time? You should!

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