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Board Game News Brief: 20th December 2017

Posted Thursday, 21-Dec-2017

Hives & Honeycombs, trading on the Missippi, an expansion to Downforce, and more on this week’s Board Game News Brief


Prepared by Calvin Wong


Take to the stars with Beta Colony

From the designers of Fleet and Wasteland Express Delivery Service, Beta Colony from Rio Grande Games, a space settling and resource management game.




Using both dice and rondels to direct the action, Beta Colony’s aesthetic hearkens to classic space video games and is aimed at a medium weight class. We’ll know more when as it approaches its 2018 release date.


Broadhorns: Early Trade on the Mississippi

Cargo runs down the Mississippi in the early 19th century – a heretofore unplumbed depth for board game themes!




Broadhorns is a pick up and deliver game with some push your luck mechanics; some goods are perishable, and passengers might need passage down the river as well. Upgrade your boats, move downriver, and try your best to make some gold along the way!


Downforce: Danger Circuit Expansion announced

Superhot racing game Downforce has been tearing up the leaderboards at BoardGamePrices and the first expansion has just been announced.



As the box says, two new tracks, six new powers, and … that’s it pretty much! Who doesn’t love a nice simple ‘more stuff’ expansion though?


Quick Kickstarters


Dice Wars!



It’s got dice, and wars, and co-operative gameplay in the lands of Polyhedra. Worth a look I’d say!


Dogtag is a card game about being a dog trying to go famous on social media. I mean, come on, that premise alone!

Hives and Honeycombs has an elegant, minimalistic look and intruiging (or in-beeguing?) gameplay about hive growing and worker management. Bzzt.



BGP’s Christmas Gift Guide


Our Christmas Gift Guide is live! Here’s some of the best games that you should be playing over this long break.

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