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Board Game News Brief: 18th June 2016

Posted Friday, 17-Jun-2016

A new Dungeons & Dragons game, more games from Richard Launius, Container reprint, and more in this week’s Board Game News Brief



More Dungeons & Dragons – Assault of the Giants announced for 2017.

Following in the vein of The Legend of Drizzt and Wrath of Ashardalon, Wizkids have started delving in the dark with their new game, Assault of the Giants.


Container reprint announced

The 2007 eurogame is finally coming in. Having received only 1 print run, the game is nevertheless well regarded among fans of heavy eurogames, and now will be republished with possible gameplay updates and reworks by the original designers.


Please try to contain your excitement.
Please try to contain your excitement.


The game will definitely feature updated components in the form of new artwork, and revised editions of the ships – which were originally resin, but now will probably be full plastic miniatures  (insomuch as giant container ships can be called miniature)

Container will set sail once more in 2017.

Quick Kickstarters

Our first game this week is Planetarium and it’s gorgeous.


That's not concept art, that's the box cover.
That’s not concept art, that’s the box cover.


Set in the orbit of a newborn star, Planetarium is a eurogame of creating your very own solar system. Matter and planetoid tokens slowly drift in orbit around the board, and players can play cards to affect their planets such as Sulfur Dioxide Vents and Giant Impact to simulate the violent and unpredictable effects of a solar system in the state of being born.

Less violent however is Sea Turtle Scurry, a cute game of guiding newborn turtles to safety in the ocean.


Scurry little ones, scurry! Now scurry sounds weird.
Scurry little ones, scurry! Now scurry sounds weird.


It’s a game of tile-laying and card playing as players try to get their baby turtle to the ocean past all the obstacles on the beach. It’s also adorable.

Loved Star Realms, but wanted a different setting? Hero Realms is now live on Kickstarter.


And the next game in the series, Suburbian Realms...
And the next game in the series, Suburbian Realms…


The deck building game switches to fantasy and introduces a host of new gamemodes – the base set comes with 4 competitive and multiplayer modes, but players can purchase campaign decks or boss decks to introduce co-op, solo, or 1 vs many to their experience. You can also buy small, 15 card character packs to play as a Wizard, or a Thief, or a Ranger, and so on.

HOPE – The Board Game is a science fiction game about creating stability in human-occupied space. The galaxy is under threat, and players must semi-cooperatively work to research technology and move their heroes across the galaxy in order to fight it.


Let's HOPE it's good, eh eh eh.
Let’s HOPE it’s good, eh eh eh.


Semi-cooperatively? Yes, because there can only be one winner – and there might even be a traitor amongst you. Along with the board design based heavily around an optical illusion, HOPE looks to change the way you look at space games.

Airlines – Golden Age has 3D airplane miniatures that you can customize. If that hasn’t already sold you, nothing I can say will.


Can you be an airline if you only have one plane? Wouldn't that make you an airdot?
Can you be an airline if you only have one plane? Wouldn’t that make you an airdot?


This airline management game features two pledge levels – a gateway-level game playable in an hour and a more in-depth version playable in 2 hours – at the higher pledge level, both games will come in the same box.


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