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Board Game News Brief: 14th March, 2018

Posted Thursday, 15-Mar-2018

A new Magic: The Gathering board game, Dinosaur Island reprint + expansion + spinoff game, and Zombicide goes to space in this week’s news brief.


Pushed out an airlock by Calvin Wong

Announcing Magic: The Gathering – Heroes of Dominaria



We don’t currently know the designer or the artist, but from the official description:


The Kickstarter  contains several options,  including:

  • The deluxe edition base game with fancy dinomeeples, metal coins, and other extras
  • An upgrade kit for owners of the retail edition
  • The Totally Liquid expansion which adds aquatic dinosaurs, park extensions, more park customization, and other options
  • An entirely new two player card game, Duelosaur Island


Backers can pledge for one or more of the above options. The game is truly an excellent worker placement and park management game, especially for fans of light to medium eurogames. Look out for our review of the game coming later this month.


Zombicide in space: Invader is the next release in the series.


Undead-slaughter-fest Zombicide takes the hordes to outer space with their science fiction take on the series.


Invader moves the game to a mining outpost on another planet and adds plenty of new mechanics such as the ability to concentrate fire on a single enemy (all of which have been made tougher; hordes in particular are far more dangerous due to a change in how targeting priority works).



Invader also features classes – characters who are more technically adept rather than being skilled combatants, for example – and new environmental challenges where gunpowder weapons won’t work – or require a flamethrower instead.  It also adds controllable robots such as a sentry gun that can shore up defenses or create a long range distraction.

Invader comes to Kickstarter April 10th.

Speaking of space…

Quick Kickstarters


Into the Black is a pirate-themed board game of boarding, looting, and plundering. It’s semi-co-operative  – there is no honor among thieves, after all – and promises to play fast.



Next up is Darkness: A Strategy Card Game of Ancient Mysticism. Set in medieval northern europe and drawing on the myths of the peoples; earn relics, artifacts, and bluff your way past your opponents with deception and cunning.



Finally, Dragon Keepers is a game by Vital Lacerda and Catarina Lacerda – yes that Vital Lacerda (Lisboa, CO2, The Gallerist, Vinhos). Designed with his daughter, Dragon Keepers is a game about hunters vs dragon keepers – playable in a push your luck casual mode suitable or all ages or a fully co-operative mode that requires more strategic thinking.


Community Centerpiece

In this week’s centerpiece, we have the very wonderful Kristi from Peace, Love, and Games and her very amazing video about why people love board games. I smiled the entire way through this video (and keep a watch out for a very certain bear!)


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