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Board Game News Brief 13th September 2017

Posted Wednesday, 13-Sep-2017

A new Dead of Winter universe game; Netrunner reboots itself (kinda); Czech Games goes to outer space! This is the Board Game News Brief.




The infection has broken out of the lab. Containment protocols have failed. Raxxon Pharmaceuticals needs your help.



In August, there were whispers of a new Dead of Winter game that could only be obtained by knowing someone who already had it. This ‘viral’ marketing campaign proved to be for a title called Raxxon, a co-operative game of containing the zombie outbreak that leads to the events of Dead of Winter.



Plaid Hat Games has now announced the game for a wider release this October (as the outbreak can no longer be contained, they need more help from you the players to deal with them.) Meanwhile, Dead of Winter: Warring Colonies was released this year, bringing player vs player to a whole new level…


Netrunner announces Revised Core Set

Reboot and reload. The revised Core Set updates the card list in the game’s basic box, adding some of the staples of the first two expansion cycles while removing other iconic cards from the game entirely.



(This means, critically, that players who already own the first two expansion cycles do not need to purchase the Revised Core, although it does come with some snazzy new card art)

The changes are geared around making the game of hacker vs corporation in a cyberpunk future more interactive – reducing the power of strategies which instantly kill the hacker, or deny the corporation the ability to use their defensive firewalls (known in game as ICE).



The change coincides with a major event in the Netrunner scene known as rotation, in which the first twelve expansion datapacks are no longer legal for competitive play. Fantasy Flight Games has cited the growing cardpool (over 1200 unique cards) as being too intimidating for new players. The Revised Core Set is part of that effort, removing such controversial cards as Account Siphon and Scorched Earth from the game while retaining certain beloved cards from the first twelve expansions.

Pulsar 2849

Czech Game’s newest title¬†by the designer of Last Will takes us to outer space.



We don’t know much apart from this snazzy box cover, but it’s a dice drafting game where you explore the universe, gather resources, and make tough choices.

More details as they arrive!

Quick Kickstarters

The Little Flower Shop sounds as cute as it is. A filler card drafting game with adorable art, this campaign ends in less than two days! Go now!




Jonathan Gilmour is at it again. The designer of Wasteland Express Delivery Service and co-designer of Dead of Winter’s newest game News@11 is a spin on party games that includes roles for quiet introverts.



Players are a news crew trying to put together the nightly news with topics, cue cards, and a producer who doesn’t have to say anything and keeps the whole thing moving along. It looks slick as all get out and is definitely worth your time.

Finally we have the slightly naughty card game Consentacle, which is about alien-human intimacy.



Consentacle explains itself far better than I ever could:

In Consentacle, you and a partner squirm your way to a mutually satisfying Human x Alien romance… with or without the benefit of verbal communication! You’ll need to divine the other’s desires in order to build trust, play your cards right, and transform mutual trust into starry satisfaction. How tingly will your interplanetary liaison feel in the end? Will your encounter leave one party sweaty and exhausted, the other hungering for more? It’s up to the two of you to find out… together!

Community Centerpiece

Jon Purkis is a TV writer turned board games video creator – he goes by the YouTube name Actualol.



Jon makes incredibly funny and creative board games videos; and now he’s asked for your help. In trying to make board games a viable career move, he’s seeking funding on Patreon. Go check him out; here’s my favorite video of his to convince you.



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