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Board Game News Brief: 13th December, 2017

Posted Thursday, 14-Dec-2017

More Downforce, a new Martin Wallace game, and Uwe Rosenberg goes to Iceland in this week’s Board Game News Brief!


Restoration Games working on Downforce App

How do we know this? Well!



Downforce has reviewed excellently and been a major seller for Restoration Games, so it’s good that they’re working on it for the digitally inclined gamers too!

Uwe Rosenberg’s next game is Reykholt 

After the fishing villages of Norway in Nusfjord, Reykholt brings us to geothermal farming in Iceland.


This latest game from the king of worker placements lets you grow plants in hothouses fueled by geothermal energy. Details are muddy right now so come back later for more news!

Kolossal Games signs Martin Wallace and Amanda Milne for Rock & Roll game

The new game company started by Travis Chance of Path of Light and Shadow has a few exciting games coming up next year including the very cool looking sandbox Western Legends. This however is a game about 1960s rock bands in a fantasy setting.


Martin Wallace is best known for his eurogames such as the recently released 2nd edition of London while Amanda designed Manifest. The new game, Magnu, will be for one to five players and lets you battle demons with banjos. I mean, I don’t know what else you want!


Quick Kickstarters

Postcard Dungeon is a fast playing game of dungeoneering that fits on a small space and looks to have plenty of tactical options. It’s lo-fi gaming for those on a budget: only $4!

Elinor: The Deserted Valley feels like a dream come to life, visually speaking – and pits you as nations fighting over this coveted land. With its gorgeous style and cool looking gameplay, it’s worth a look!



Finally, Mythic Arcana is a fast playing card game of godly battle that looks absolutely amazing. Unite your pantheon from all corners of the world and do battle against other gods and goddesses for control of the five domains.

And that’s it for this week’s news brief! Come back soon for our holiday gift guides!

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