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[Board Game Giveaway] Win a copy of Wingspan!

Posted Tuesday, 23-Jul-2019

One of this year’s hottest games, Wingspan is a card-driven game with gorgeous components that people can’t stop raving about.


We’re giving away a free copy of 2019 Kennerspiel des Jahres winner Wingspan. One of our most popular titles this year on BoardGamePrices.com, Wingspan is a card game about creating combinations to maximize your actions.



“Amazing production. All around, this game is fantastic.”

– Tom Vasel

“The production value of this game is through the roof.” 

– Rahdo

“Stonemaier Games always knocks it out of the park, and did so with this one as well.” 

– GameBoyGeek



We have Wingspan in-hand and ready to ship to the winner… will it be you?




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