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[Board Game Giveaway] Enter to Win Terraforming Mars!

Posted Sunday, 26-Mar-2017

Terraforming Mars Giveaway

We’re giving away a copy of Terraforming Mars this month!

The game takes place on Mars, and challenges players to make life possible on the seemingly uninhabitable planet.

The engine building game has been flying off the shelves lately, and has consistently been one of the Top 5 Searched Games on BoardGamePrices.com for the past 6 months!


Description from our site:

Terraforming Mars is a board game about making life on the Red Planet possible. Players are corporations trying to make Mars suitable for human life, with inspirations drawn from real scientific research.

In Terraforming Mars, players must raise oxygen and carbon dioxide levels to generate a greenhouse effect, raising the temperature of the planet, thickening its atmosphere, and encouraging the growth of oceans. They must build factories, power plants, and modify the soil to grow plants – all through the use of unique project cards and economic management.

Buy Terraforming Mars if you’re looking for an engine building euro-style game where you can mine the moons of Jupiter and make an ocean in your back yard.


One lucky winner will receive a copy of Terraforming Mars… what are you waiting for?  

Enter today!

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