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Board Game Gift Guide 2018 (Part 3)

Posted Tuesday, 11-Dec-2018

Board games make the perfect holiday gift! Here are even more of our favorite board games you should be giving away this holiday season.

Contributed by Calvin Wong

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Whether you’re looking for a game that you can break out at a party or something for the hobbyists in your life, this gift guide will have you covered!


Best Board Game Gifts for Large Groups

Trapwords is a party game of words you can’t say – but the other team chooses which words!



# of players: 4-8

Playtime: 45 minutes

Trapwords is a party game of words you can’t say – but the other team chooses which words!

Two teams of adventurers are trying to defeat the monster and gain theglory – but beware your opponent’s traps and curses! Can you make your team guess the word ‘sword’ while avoiding the trap words your opponents have chosen for you? Did they choose ‘weapon’? maybe’Excalibur’?

And should you succeed, the dungeon only gets harder and more fiendish as you push forward…

Featured Review of Trapwords

Taboo with more depth. This game is fantastic

Dan King, The Game Boy Geek

Buy Trapwords for a word-based party game of avoiding pitfalls and laying traps for your friends that plays up to 8 players.

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Mysterium is a game of psychic investigators working together with a ghost to solve a murder – a beautiful game of co-operative mystery



# of players: 2-7

Playtime: 42 minutes

One player takes on the role of the ghost and the other players are mediums attempting to help the ghost remember the details of his own murder. The mediums must figure out who killed the ghost, where he was killed, and what the murder weapon was. Since the ghost can’t speak, all clues are given to the mediums via visions—artistic cards that the mediums must interpret without any other help.

Featured Review of Mysterium

Mysterium is a co-op game of ghosts, murder and hilarious incompetence, in that order. Shut Up & Sit Down categorically recommends Mysterium.

Quintin Smith, Shut Up & Sit Down 

Mysterium is perfect for those who like deduction and mystery. If you liked the board game Clue as a kid or you are a fan of the artistic cards found in the game Dixit, you should definitely buy Mysterium.

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A Fake Artist Goes To New York

Pictionary where one of you doesn’t know what’s being drawn. A Fake Artist Goes to New York!



# of players: 5 – 10

Playtime: 20 minutes

A Fake Artist Goes to New York is a board game where players must, in turn, make a single mark on a piece of paper to draw the topic given by the Question Master – perhaps a table, or justice. However, one of the players doesn’t know the topic, and must guess at what is being drawn.

If the players can figure out which among them is the fake artist, then the fake artist gets one chance to identify the object being drawn – in which case, they win the round. Finally! A drawing game for those who are bad at drawing.

Featured Review of Codenames: Duet

One of my favorite games ever.

Jamey Stegmaier, designer of Scythe

Buy A Fake Artist Goes To New York if you’re looking for a party game that’s easy to learn and will provide plenty of laughs.

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Best Board Game Gifts for Serious Gamers

FINALLY a dinosaur theme park management board game! Dinosaur Island challenges its players to cook up dinosaurs from DNA, build a park, entertain guests, sell T-shirts, and make sure no one gets eaten.



# of players: 1-4

Playtime: 120 minutes

Players must compete to build the most thrilling theme park (or Dinosaur Island) and keep their guests alive and coming back for more.

Do you make a boring but safe pen of herbivores and maybe some roller coasters and a log flume? Or try and make a breeding pair of Tyrannosaurus Rex to bring in the big crowds?

Featured Review of Dinosaur Island

To play Dinosaur Island is to bounce between humming the Jurassic Park theme song and the cold calculations of balancing your balance sheet.

Calvin Wong, Ding & Dent

Buy Dinosaur Island to live your dream of managing a dino-based theme park, playable alone or against your friends.

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The Legend of Korra: Pro Bending Arena

The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena is a two-player competition of wits, tricks, and speed as players take control of Republic City’s favorite sport. 



# of players: 2

Playtime: 45 minutes

Take control of your favorite bender team and overwhelm your opponent with the powers of earth, fire, and water in an attempt to knock them off the arena or advance into their half.   

Whether you choose to fight fair or play dirty, you’ll draft cards, position your elemental benders, and claim the championship as yours!

Featured Review of The Legend of Korra

Rich, dynamic, and the miniatures are stellar.

Edo, Gaming with Edo

Buy The Legend of Korra: Pro-Bending Arena for a two player take on the sport from the hit animated TV series co-designed by Akrotiri’s Sen-Foong Lim.

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The great evil has fallen, and has taken the capital with it. Where once there was a kingdom, there is now only the Wildlands



# of Players: 2 – 4

Playtime: 60 minutes

Wildlands is a card based tactical combat board game set in a lawless fantasy world. Seek survival, treasure, or even glory as rival factions, each with a unique deck of cards dictating their abilities across the battlefield. Some focus on ranged prowess, some on raw strength, and others on the bond between characters, offering a wide range of playstyles to explore. 

Featured Review of Wildlands

Silly, entertaining, and yet feels like you have a lot of good decisions to make. Just really fun.

Tom Vasel, The Dice Tower

Buy Wildlands for an easy-to-learn tactical game with deep nuance, designed by the legendary Martin Wallace.

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