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Best Board Game Deals on Black Friday 2016

Posted Friday, 25-Nov-2016

Where are you shopping for board games this Black Friday?

Get ready to install more Kallax Shelves, because it’s time to stock up on all the board games on your wish list!

From Codenames to Arkham Horror, there are plenty of games on sale that are sure to make both great gifts, as well as great additions to your collection!

We’ll be updating this post throughout the day/night/weekend with fantastic Black Friday Board Game Deals for you!



Many games are going on sale throughout the day… Check Amazon frequently!


Below are some notable deals from Amazon (Note: Prices are changing quickly.  The prices displayed here are supplied directly from Amazon and their system appears to be a little behind at the moment… so most of these games are MUCH cheaper than what is displayed):









Stay tuned for more deep discounts throughout the day!




With over 1,500 gaming items on sale, you might find yourself browsing for hours on Miniature Market’s sales pages.  The Thanksgiving Sale ends Monday, November 28th.


Notable Deals Include:

51st State: Master Set – $26

Pandemic Legacy – $36

Trains 2: Rising Sun – $26

Craftsmen – $24

Battleline – $12


Miniature Market’s sale page




Cool Stuff Inc appears to be adding board games throughout the day.


Notable Deals Include:

Clockwork Wars – $44.99

Royals – $24.99

Eminent Domain – $16.99

High Noon Saloon – $4.99


Cool Stuff Inc’s Board Game sale page




CardHaus is offering 10% off of already low board game prices for Black Friday weekend.  Their sale ends Tuesday, November 29th.


Notable Deals Include:

Conan – $86.84

Betrayal at House on the Hill: Widows Walk – $16.19

Eldritch Horror: Mountains of Madness – $35.99

Fury of Dracula – $44.99

1775 Rebellion – $41.39




Use code BlackFriday2016 to receive an additional 15% off listed prices.


Notable Deals Include:

Fabled Fruit: $27.16 (After discount code)




Game Surplus is holding ‘Flash Sales’ throughout the day.


Notable Deals Include:

Lignum – $90.01



Did we miss some great deals?  Tell us in the comments!

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