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A Farewell to Mayfair Games

Posted Thursday, 1-Mar-2018

Catan and Agricola publisher Mayfair Games and subsidiary Lookout Games shutter their doors after 37 years of operation.


By Calvin Wong


Mayfair Games has shut down.


Mayfair Games logo
Mayfair Games logo


Publishers of such classics as Agricola, Le Havre, Tigris & Euphrates, Catan, and Lords of Vegas as well as many beloved new titles like Patchwork, Barenpark, and The Colonists, Mayfair Games used to be THE name in eurogames – with their aesthetic and design becoming the blueprint for a generation of gamers.



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The company has been acquired by Asmodee, who has confirmed that it will continue selling many of Mayfair Game’s and Lookout Game’s products. BoardGameGeek’s W. Eric Martin reported that:

Will the Mayfair Games brand continue to exist? “That, sir, is up to them,” [Mayfair Games President Larry] Roznai told me, adding that “[t]hey will own all of our trademarks and copyrights, and what they choose to do with it is still undetermined. I am retiring.” [Lookout Games Owner Hanno] Girke confirms that all English-language releases of Lookout designs will now bear the Lookout Games logo.


History of Mayfair Games and Lookout Games

Starting as an RPG company in Chicago, Mayfair’s first shutdown was in 1997, one year after acquiring the license to Catan – but the company was subsequently bailed out.



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Catan Studio broke away from Mayfair Games in 2016 – a line which sells nearly a million products a year. Since then the studio has continued to publish eurogames.



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Lookout Games on the other hand began in 2000 owned partially by designer Uwe Rosenberg. Mayfair purchased a controlling interest in the company in 2013 and served as publisher for Lookout’s titles.


What happens now?

On the sale to Asmodee, Asmodee representatives stated that “Asmodee is proud to be able to bring Mayfair’s games into our portfolio. We recognize the heritage behind some of the best known titles (such as the 18xx series) and we are looking at the best way to develop these IPs in the future.”


Agricola: Blue Expansion
Agricola: Blue Expansion

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Fan Reaction

The internet was awash with reactions. W. Eric Martin called the sale ‘not a surprise’, while No Pun Included’s Efka had this to say on Twitter





Meanwhile, it might be a good idea to nab anything from their back catalog that you’ve always been meaning to try.

Goodbye, Mayfair Games – a huge source of joy and fun for so many of us for so many years.


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