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7 Great Father’s Day Board Games for Dad

Posted Saturday, 20-Jun-2015

Contributed by Carol LaGrow and Troy Pitschman

Updated 11-June-2019


Looking for a great way to bond with your Dad this Father’s Day? Here are 7 board game that are simple to explain and take less than an hour to play.


1. If Wishes Were Fishes

Is your father a fisherman? Does he always have a story to tell about the one that got away? If Wishes Were Fishes just might be the game for him.


If Wishes Were Fishes is simple and light enough to enjoy during Father’s Day.
If Wishes Were Fishes


A game of wits, If Wishes Were Fishes calls on players to catch the right fish at the most opportune time in order to make the most profit. The real twist of the game is the fish who grants wishes though, as this fish can turn the game on its head giving you a sudden advantage.




2. Hanabi

In Hanabi you will work together to create a marvelous fireworks display, with a simple, relaxed ruleset.


Hanabi is a Spiel des Jahres award-winner.
Hanabi is a Spiel des Jahres award-winner.


Hanabi is a great conversation starter if you have fond memories of your father taking you to see fireworks as a child. This game could be a great way to reflect on those memories.




3. Deck Building: The Deck-Building Game

Get your lumber and your tools – it’s time to build the deck that you’ve always wanted! You and your neighbor are both competing to make the best deck possible given the materials at hand, and only one of you can win.


Deck Building card game
Build a deck by building a deck!


If your dad always had a hammer in one hand and a drill in the other, you can do some Deck Building together this Father’s Day.




4. Trekking the National Parks

Do your memories include many hours in the back seat of the family car, visiting our National Parks?


Trekking the National Parks
No wood-paneled station wagon required


Trekking the National Parks is an award-winning family board game that celebrates the U.S. national parks in a fun and competitive way. Players compete for points by claiming park cards and collecting trail stones as they travel across the map experiencing the wonders at each of these magnificent landscapes.




5. Eight-Minute Empire

Build an empire and conquer the land in around eight minutes! In Eight-Minute Empire, players must expand their borders and earn points based on the areas they’ve amassed and the land’s resources.


Eight Minute Empire is a strategy game that takes 8-20 minutes to play.
Eight-Minute Empire


Eight-Minute Empire is a quick, engaging, and interactive area control game.




6. Archaeology: The New Expedition

Archaelogy: The New Expedition  will appeal to the adventurer in your dad, especially if he’s an Indiana Jones fan. Explore ancient Egypt with the hopes of discovering treasure. Piece together torn parchments, broken pots and ancient artifacts.


Archaeology: The New Expedition
Archaeology: The New Expedition


Dig, explore, trade, and sell in this card game of treasure and fortune!




7. Splendor

In Splendor, players are trying to buy gem mines and attract the attention of nobles in the hopes of gaining the most prestige points.


Splendor board game
Splendor is an award-winning game


Splendor‘s simple rules and 30-minute play time make it easy to introduce to casual gamers.

See our Review of Reviews for Splendor here.



What are some of your favorite games to play with dad on Father’s Day?

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